Monday, July 21, 2008

Things to Ponder: Blind Faith

If you haven’t tried Evo hair products, you should...I haven't yet, but YOU should.

Sounds ridiculous that I'm telling you to use something that I've never tried, huh? Well, I am...just based on Evo's advertising {shown}. And, whether you realise it or not, you buy things all the time based on a feature or the advertising of a product.

Recently, I've been wundering just how many editors, publicists, stylists, etc... who push products -and people- on us daily actually use or experience what they are pushing.

Yesterday, I was creative consultant on a photo shoot {true story} here in Los Angeles. I was brought in last minute to help, so I didn't know what the "talent" we were shooting were all about...but I helped style them, position them,..."push" them for the magazine anyway.

I later overheard their publicist ask the photographer if he had seen their work and he replied
that he hadn't, yet he was taking photos of them. The publisher of the magazine that they were being shot for ALSO didn't know what they were all about.... All of it made me really think about what I buy and why.

So, today, I am "pushing" a company that I know nothing about and telling you that you should try their products, just like you would normally put blind faith into whatever else you see in advertising campaigns used in the magazines we read and on the internet and television and that most of look at everyday.

If it looks good and they tell us what we want to hear, most of us will try it - at least once.

It's true that packaging and advertising work...and Evo, an Australian miracle hair care company marketing to Gen Y {ages 15-25}, with cute, quirky packaging and cutting edge advertising that pokes fun at the ridiculousness of beauty today will undoubtedly succeed.

Their website references Japanese pop culture, featuring lots of pink, sound effects, Kanji writing and a girl speaking Japanese. Oh, and a lot of annoying pop-ups too.

We love it...umm, at least the packaging anyway!

...Now, I think I'll actually buy something and see if it's as good as it looks.

Saving ordinary humans from themselves... Try Evo HERE


windycindy said...

How true! What an interesting commentary. Thanks, Cindi

Petra said...

You know, I never really thought about this before, but you are right and I'm proof. Sometimes you post about certain things and I just go buy them. (Luckily, you always seem to be right on and I've liked everything you've 'pushed' so far.) *smile*
Anyway, I like the advertising and funky Japanese inspired website for this Evo company. May be I will order some of their products to try too. I too just wish their website wasn't impossible with all those damned pop-ups.

I hope you are having a great week!

moonmystic said...

Is she just eating the crust? Oh my!