Wednesday, December 24, 2008

In the Buff...

This super cute treasury by Elle a Belle entitled "In the Buff" includes my LET'S GET NAKED greeting card, guaranteed to get you some action...or at least a smile.

In the to enlarge

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Elle a Belle creates some gorgeous jewelry confections you'll wanna check out...

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Friday, December 19, 2008


Oh to live in the land of mushrooms and the little people! Well, now we can thanks to this fabulous treasury "Mushroomland" created by Yalipaz. It features quaint mushroom treasures, including my handmade mushrooms, that are sure to delight.

Mushroomlandclick to enlarge

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Yalipaz herself creates whimsical art guaranteed to make you smile. Do stop by her shop to check out these goodies and more! {below}

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Girls Girls Girls...and an Englishman

I've not been around much...the holidays have kept me buzzing, inundated with filling orders and keeping a watchful eye on the elves to make sure they are getting all of my orders filled in time.

Whilst I am running hither and tither, I thought you might enjoy some eyecandy...a
la this sweet little treasury full of girls, which includes my print "Worship" {right}, available now as a limited edition print in the shop.

Girls Girls Girls

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"Girls Girls Girls" was curated by EnglishmaninPS, a fine chap and artist living in Palm Springs, CA with his lovely wife and child.

Some things to note about this Englishman and ponder before you peruse his art:
1} He feels uncomfortable high fiving and would much rather shake hands.
2} He doesn't like cheese, much to his wife's disappointment.
3} He can put a whole mars bars {the American "Milky Way" candy bar} in his mouth sideways.

How dandy!
...Now, do go and check out his work!

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Fairy Tales...

Here's a sweet little treasury full of magical little things for YOU!

"Fairy Tales" was created by fellow Etsian MemoryCollector and it features my cute little mushrooms {see right} that are perfect for use in your very own wunderland. Enjoy!

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And, if yer looking for handmade jewelry, knitted goods and housewares, look no further! Lindsey of MemoryCollector has just the thing for you! Here are just some of her goodies!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Look, Love, Shop...Sea Babe Jewelry

Inspired by the ocean and the beautiful North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii, Kristin and Dave created Sea Babe Jewelry, a line of gorgeous handcrafted artisan jewelry. I'm especially loving the rough diamond and silver ring. It would make unbelievably sweet gift for someone special...especially you!

Free nationwide shipping on all fine silver rings and bracelets.
Free gift with every purchase.
Special requests and custom orders available for all items. Check out their selection of beautiful made to order pieces.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Look, Love, Shop...Illustrations by Mikiep

Mikiep does ultra-amazing illustrations that will remind you of your little super hero / heroine or will take you back to when YOU thought you were Wonder Woman or Super Man. So cute!

Illustrations by Mikiep


★ ★ Illustrations by Mikiep Holiday Specials ★ ★
{NOW thru Dec. 1st}

FREE mini print now thru January 1st on any purchase of $10.00 or more.
BOGO: Buy one illustration print and get one of equal or lesser value FREE! [Max. 2 free prints per customer, please.]

...and Mikiep LOVES to do custom pieces..., so if you'd like a special piece, please CONVO HIM to inquire.

Happy Shopping!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Look, Love, Shop...Dirty Pretty Things

It's time for Holiday Specials! So, from now until the New Year, I will be featuring a new Etsy store and their specials {see below}. Look, Love, Shop...!

{ Dirty Pretty Things }

Dirty Pretty Things
Buy Dirty Pretty Things

Dirty Pretty Things Holiday Specials
{NOW thru Dec. 1st}

FREE GIFT now thru January 1st on any purchase {see shop for details}

1} Buy 4 soy candles and get 1 FREE!
2} Buy 2 travel size soy candles and get 1 FREE!
3} Buy 1 full sized print and get 1 FREE mini print
4} Buy any 2 magnet sets, Get 1 FREE
5} Buy any 2 greeting cards, Get 1 FREE
6} Take 10% off any original art piece

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Dressed Up for the Holidays...

This sweet little treasury "Dressed Up for the Holidays" by Maclancy not only features my Dress Form original art piece, it also made FRONT PAGE on Etsy {see below}!

{ { Dressed Up for the Holidays } }

✿ ✿ ✿

Here's the shot from the front page...

✿ ✿ ✿

You can purchase any piece from my "Sewing Room" series, as a full set or individually. The "Sewing Room" Series features silhouettes of all of those things we designers and crafters can absolutely NOT live without!

Oh, and there is also a 10% off special on my original art for the Thanksgiving Holiday {plus a FREE GIFT with purchase}!

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And, here are some sweet treats from MACLANCY... Be sure to check out her shoppe full of fine art vintage photographs.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Freaky Friday...Clueless in Washington

Alaska Governor and failed Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin appeared on local television this week to pardon a turkey from slaughter and ironically proceed to do an interview whilst another poor turkey is slaughtered by a worker in the background.
Supposedly advised about what was going on behind her, Palin told the reporter “no worries” and the interview continued.
Scenes in the interview include the worker behind Palin looking back and smiling into the camera while slicing a turkey’s neck, draining its blood and twisting its head off.

MSNBC has a mostly safe for viewing copy of the video with the nasties blurred out, but you get the idea...

Suffice it to say, Sarah Palin will never ever get my vote!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Did Somebody Say Diet...??

Unfortunately I haven't had much time to post lately. With the holidays coming up and all the shows we are doing, we have {thankfully} been inundated with orders.

But, here is something we found so very funny...we absolutely could not stop laughing at his cute little face and that chubby body when he finally does get "stuck" in the box.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


What a wunderful Art Show we had this past weekend

Now that I'm a bit less stressed about getting things ready for the show & I'm actually sleeping again, I can continue to blog on goodies, fashion and gossip.

"Captive" {right} is just one of my four new paintings SOLD at my show.


by Patricia Lucas
Acrylics, Paper & Ink on Panel

Prints are available for sale. Lots of new goodies, including new soy candle scents, travel sized soy candles, a new line of greeting cards, new magnet sets and new art to show off, most of which will be available on Etsy soon! Most of my magnet sets sell out at the shows, but this time, I tripled the quantity of my limited edition prints, so now you will be able to buy them online as well.

If you saw something at the show that you haven't yet seen posted in my shoppe, please convo me HERE. ...and THANK YOU to all of you who came out to show your support. It really means a lot.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Freaky Friday...Christina Aguilera

What is happening to Christina Aguilera...?

I can't quite figure out what has changed about her that's making her look so strange these days, aside from the huge breasts that she claims are real.
Ummm, yeahhhh, most real boobs look that ODD.

{see right}

I used to think Christina would go further than Britney Spears because Christina's voice is so amazing and Britney's voice has pretty much always been digitized.

since Christina has been MIA for a while, is she now trying to play catch up by dressing like Britney{as shown below} or trying too hard to stay young and hip and instead heading down that slippery slope of plastic surgery gone wrong...?

Britney performing, then Christina at the VMAs in waaay too tight attire

Strapped in and bumpy at the VMAs

Showing off her perfectly fake looking 'real' boobs...

Something is just different about her...

Better, but still No...Please put them away.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Brewery Artwalk - November 1st and 2nd

It's that time again...We've been diligently preparing for the Fall 2008 Brewery Artwalk here in our downtown LA studio. Why else did you think I'd leave all you Pretties without your daily read?
Just so you know, I'll be a bit MIA for the next 2 1/2 weeks in preparation for the show.
And, if you'll be in Los Angeles the weekend of November 1st & 2nd and would like something to do, feel free to contact me for info.

Brewery Artwalk - Fall 2008

featuring new works by Patricia Lucas and Mike Pedersen
Call 323.397.5599 for more information

Patricia Lucas "SPECIMEN": new paintings, sculpture, greeting cards, yummy soy candles and more...
Mike Pedersen: "DESPAIR": featuring new works in fine art photography and wire sculpture...

p.s. Mike's illustration prints will be at the show too...

We do hope to see you there!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


With its cascading ruffles, twisted pleats and graceful details, the newest collection at Anthropologie is simply...
Above: Floe & Current Coat by Leifsdottir - $498

L to R: Terraine Tales Sweater by Moth - $98, Love at First Sight Blazer by Bow & Arrow - $168

Above: Into The Woods Dress by Tracy Reese - $288

L to R: Slate Splendor Sweatercoat by Moth - $188, Echo Echo Dress by Viola - $158

Above: Creek & Cavern Sweatercoat by LP&P - $398

Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Week in the Life...

A week in the life of Angelina Jolie and family in the South of France...

W Magazine
has published photos of Angelina and her family taken by life partner Brad Pitt. Here, some of our favourites...

Click here to read the cover article at W Magazine and the great comments that people are making about this ultra-private, yet ultra-public photo shoot. You can also read about Brad's request to shoot Angelina in film that had to be sourced and flown in since it is no longer manufactured here.

I Got Your Crazy...

Britney Spears is making yet another comeback ...thankfully.
We'd much rather hear about her music than her messed up personal life.

Recently released, her new "Womanizer" video.

Again, her voice is heavily digitized and the video itself seems to be no different than her other work, aside from costume and wig changes.

Too bad...she could have really pushed this one.
...and you gotta love the line "You think I'm crazy...I got your crazy."

She's got that down, huh?

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Heel-Less Wonders

By now I'm sure that you've seen Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham in her killer latex, thigh high 5 1/2" platform boots - with no heel.

These beauties are by Antonio Berardi and are the very latest in the "extreme shoe" trend that's been happening in fashion for the
past few years...and I gotta say that I absolutely love them!

Berardi says, "...It’s just like wearing a regular shoe. They are graceful and there is a ballerina nature about them. Having a heel is really just psychological.”

Here, some other wild and wonderful artistic versions of shoes by mainstream designers...

{{ Antonio Berardi }}

{{ Marc Jacobs }}

{{ Walter Steiger }}

Friday, October 10, 2008

Freaky Friday: Then and Now...

As you know, I'm not a fan of any sort of plastic surgery or injectibles, so thankfully, at 38, I'm still fortunate to look about 10 years younger than I am.

However, I AM fascinated by those who go under the knife and morph into someone else, be it for the better or worse. Here, Before and After shots of some celebrities {and B-Listers} who have undergone a procedure or two.

{ { Megan Fox } }
I think Megan Fox is gorgeous, but I'm not fond of her saline implants that look like boulders.

{ { Scarlett Johansson } }
A new slimline nose and cheek implants did a lot for her Hollywood look.

{ { Jennifer Garner } }
Even those we think are naturally beautiful, undergo a lip injection or procedure.

{ { Charlie Sheen } }
Too bad they don't offer personality transplants...

{ { Carrot Top } }
ick... and we didn't think it could get any worse.

{ { Tori Spelling } }
One of the queens of plastic surgery...2006 was her best "face", but her boobs have always been a disaster...

{ { Kate Beckinsale } }
Boobs, then no boobs...

{ { Anna Faris } }
You can't become a "Bunny" without a major overhaul.