Sunday, October 12, 2008

I Got Your Crazy...

Britney Spears is making yet another comeback ...thankfully.
We'd much rather hear about her music than her messed up personal life.

Recently released, her new "Womanizer" video.

Again, her voice is heavily digitized and the video itself seems to be no different than her other work, aside from costume and wig changes.

Too bad...she could have really pushed this one.
...and you gotta love the line "You think I'm crazy...I got your crazy."

She's got that down, huh?


Catherine said...

Britney is my guilty pleasure and I enjoyed a lot of her last disc, but this song is TERRIBLE.

Petra said...

Every woman is a little crazy now and again. Men have to realize that they are usually the #1 reason women act a bit crazy & calling us crazy makes things worse. Men just don't get women at all and we do everything for them. Brit is a great example of that. Oh well...we forgive her.
Britney is back and she got her mess back in shape again. Let's just hope she keeps going in the right direction.

Petra said...

Oh, but I agree that she should have gone harder edge in this video and the overly digitized voice is, well, OVER.