Sunday, March 30, 2008

DPT Spotlight: Photography by Mikiep


Congratulations! OAKMONSTER is the winner of the "Seventeen" printer's copy of the original Mike Pedersen fine art print contest! Thanks so much to everyone who entered...and be sure to check out this week's give-a-way by Kat Roman!

LA-based photographer Mike Pedersen translates and transforms unconventional subject matter most would describe as ugly, industrial, neglected or bizarre in a manner that gives pleasure to the mind and senses...and this is the very reason that I fell in love with his work. Using a Speed Graflex camera from the 1950’s and Polaroid Type 55, a negative / positive film, Mikie takes photographs interpreting a conscious arrangement of colors, forms, movements and other graphic elements. He then deliberately damages and mutates the negatives with sandpaper, steel wool, a hammer or other odd objects. After scanning the images into his computer, he creates and builds layer upon layer, reconstructing the new image into an aesthetic success.

◦ ○◦○ ◦

Don't miss his upcoming show "Deciduous" which takes place next weekend here in downtown Los Angeles. Please see the end of this feature for more information, directions and YOUR chance to win one of his fabulously haunting pieces of work. YAY!

Spotlight Feature: Mike Pedersen

* Tell us a bit about yourself... My name is Mike Pedersen aka Mikiep. While most men over the age of 38 really wouldn’t like to be referred to as “Mikie”, it’s just stuck for me. Growing up with a father and an uncle who had the first names of Mike and Michael, it was just natural for me to be Mikie. Luckily, I wasn’t my nephew [another Michael…he got the nickname “Mickey” instead. : )

* What inspires you? Where do your ideas come from?
My ideas come in 2 parts. First the
photography aspect…I love to document landscapes, so I love going on trips with my beautiful wife where we just drive, drive, drive and find great shots along the way. I zone off and watch the vistas go by like they are on a TV. When my hawk-eyed wife or I see something we like, we do a little pit stop and I click click away. Sometimes when we drive long-distance, it can take 8 hours for us to go only 100 miles during the daylight hours because we stop so many times. Then during the dark hours, we put the pedal to the metal and go 700-800 miles straight to our destination. Luckily, my trusty better half keeps me happy and awake, armed with lots of caffeine and entertainment. I let the photos sit until one jumps out at me and then I start the digital part of the process. Being a darkroom fixer junkie and having idols such as Ansel Adams, Avedon and Salgado, I love seeing black and white images with subtle tones. I age my pictures by compositing layers upon layers to obtain depth and texture. My pictures build themselves inside my head…some flow freely and some I fight with and put away until later.

* Apart from creating things, what do you do for fun? I love spending time with my wife, traveling, going to flea markets, watching movies or snuggling up on the couch to watch HGTV or the cooking channel…yes, ladies, I can cook. : )

* What has been your most memorable moment selling your art? After buying my first Epson 9600 and printing the first print, I was ecstatic to be able to sell anything…but that first print turned out to be one of the first prints I sold for $500.

* Any advice for fellow artists...
When you can see the finished product in your head, you have to shut out the rest of the world
and all of it’s influences and to be able to create art that comes from your heart. In the beginning for me, my work sure didn’t look like it does now. Technique and personal style really is a growing process. Your art will grow and change with what is happening inside of you. Stay Inspired.

*Any upcoming shows or projects? I actually have a show coming up next weekend April 5th & 6th at the Brewery in downtown Los Angeles. It’s an Artwalk where we, along with other artists in the complex, open our studio to the public and usually thousands of people walk through looking at and buying art. This show is called “Deciduous” and it contains tree images that I took over the past several years. I love taking photographs of trees because no two trees are alike. They each seem to have their own personality. I guess I have a love for trees because they take me back to my youth where my Sunday afternoons as a little boy were spent climbing trees or laying under them letting the shadows dance around on my face. Trees create shapes and sounds all their own as each branch moves…Truly fascinating and peaceful.

Etsy Shop:

Sales, Bookings or Press contact:
Patricia at Serpentine Republic AR - 323.397.5599

Upcoming Exhibition:

"Deciduous" Exhibition of Fine Art Photography -
Brewery Artwalk, Los Angeles 2008

620 Moulton Avenue, Studio 209, Los Angeles CA 90031
  • Saturday, April 5 [11am-6pm]
  • Sunday, April 6 [11am-6pm]

(¯`'•.¸(¯`'•.¸(¯`'•.¸ * ◦ *¸.•'´¯)¸.•'´¯)¸.•'´¯)

Enter this week's Give-a-way!!

This week's give-a-way is a super special treat and I am so happy to be able to offer it to you!

Mikiep is giving away a printer's copy of his limited edition "Seventeen" print from his upcoming show "Deciduous". Image size is 15.5"x 29"... printed on a 16.50"x30" sheet of Archival watercolor paper with border for framing. This print will be signed by Mikiep and is a $200 value!

How to Enter...
Take a look on Mikie's website or in his Etsy shop and
leave a comment here regarding your favourite photograph or illustration!
NOTE: If your favourite photograph or illustration is not part of your comment, your entry will be disqualified...sorry, but yes, it's true.

◦ ○◦○ ◦

This contest has been extended and now be 2 weeks long since I won't have a chance to do an artist feature this weekend due to our art show..., meaning the deadline for this contest is now to be until the very last most littlest minute and second of Saturday, April 12th, 2008, PST.
This contest is open to everyone around the globe, but please leave a viable way for us to contact you. Duplicate entries will be deleted. The winner's name will be drawn out of a hat...the good ole' fashioned way to do things.

Best of luck to you, My Pretties!


Megan said...

Some pretty great stuff here. A lot of talent!
My favorite illustration is probably The Little Seamstress. Though it was hard to decide between that and some of the photography.

missknits said...

oh i just love her shop! its hard to choose just one! i love the Girl Power ones! they totally remind me of my childhood because i loved Wonder woman! lol But i think my favorite is this one its just classic beauty!

what an awesome contest! someone will be very lucky to win this piee of art! (hoping its me! lol)

(oh i am missknits on etsy btw )

Art2theextreme said...

OOO.. I love the "Westlake" photograph on your site. I love the way the palm leaves sort of frame the picture. What beautiful work you do and your website is so well put together!

Kyla said...

His stuff is BEAUTIFUL!!
I actually like the one that he is giving away, something about trees and black and white. It is the country girl coming out in me :)
Cheers Kyla

Mindy said...

I love the little seamstress and have had the pair of prints hearted for months. I keep my fingers crossed that one of these days I will find it hung gracefully in my sewing room- lol. I hint and hint alot that I would love that for a gift! I also enjoyed your thread about naming your daughter:) Thank you for the entertainment ~~Mindy of ozarkoriginals

ThisOldHenHouse said...

what a stunning feature!

as a true nerd and a christmas-a-holic, I absolutly HAVE to favor Ralphie and his Red Ryder BB Gun


pootieposh said...

My favorite is Winter Trees. It would definitely get a place of honor in my home. Beautiful!

Tiffany said...

Wow wow wow! That's a generous giveaway! I gotta say that the print up for grabs is my fave!
Does this mean I can have it now? :)

Bunny B said...

These are cute! and said...

I believe my favorties are the lovers, but I enjoy the superman and batman on the playground also!

Wumpus said...

I am torn between Industrial Oasis and Lotus Sutra. The first one just sucks me into its own magical world and wouldn't let me go. In Lotus Sutra, however, the sculpture seems to be floating in midair, and all I can go is kneel at its feet in awe...

windycindy said...

How talented you both are! Please send me just 1/4 of your talent. I like the print called "Queen Anne's Lace Giclee Print" I also like the
"Desolation" photo. Please enter me in this fabulous drawing. I would be honored to win the stunning Photo.
Thank you.....Cindi

Reg said...

Oh my stars! I am blown away by the talent your Mike possesses!
My fave by far is "Desolation"!

I am enjoying both Etsy Shops and your Kewpie dolls are in my sights!

Thanks! :)

Nicole said...

Wow! I'm so glad I found you guys- so much talent and grace. I think my fav is Industrial Oasis...and then The Little Seamstress.


Valorie said...

I like all of your illustration, but I could definately see The Shepherd and His Lambs in my bedroom. Beautiful work!


Kari said...

I *drool* everytime I see this rendition of Ralphie!

I grew up watching this movie, it holds VERY special memories for me - and SOMEDAY I'm gonna get a print of this piece!

Migoto_Chou said...

Only one, huh? Fine. lol

They are all wonderful, but I really like Blind Faith. I find it very inspiring; after reading the description, I feel like I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing.

JammerSage said...

I've been watching BOTH of your works for a while now and I am so in awe! I love it all. I was completely stopped in my tracks by "Industrial Oasis". Beautiful! Had I not read the name, I dont know that I would have seen everything there is to see in it! Congratulations to you both on being so super-fantastic at what you do! I will continue to be a fan.. always! :)


kittenskorner said...

thats my fav. true love. That picture just totally illustrates how i feel about my true love! ;)

Pretty Sweet Designs said...

wow! those are great photos and prints. i gotta say i love "seventeen". my fiance would love that too.

Lil Bean said...

I think my favourite is the one called Sweetheart Tree. Such a lovely weathered feel to it.

(I'm LilBeanBaby on Etsy)

Anonymous said...

I think you already know my favorites. I have many. My fave is "The shepherd and his lambs," as well as "Bonnie" and "Lotus Sutra." I love his little seamstress. All of his work is zingerific. I would be honoured to win one. Best wishes and shake that hat good!

Kolleen said...

The tree photos are beautiful! From your shop, I am partial to this little Superman though.

I have a 6 week old little boy and we have his room decorated with superheroes. Marking this guy to come back for later!

tjmetz said...

I love Seventeen and would be thrilled to hang that in my living room! One that seriously pulled on my heartstrings though was the True Love print set. The meaning behind those two prints is awesome & describes how I feel about my own soul mate as well. =)

AmyBuchheit said...

I am torn between "Desolation" and "Banyan Tree". I absolutely love Mike's treatment of the image. Fantastic! He really knows how to convey a mood ... be it peaceful, meloncholy, sadness ... with a subject matter that we often take for granted in our everyday lives.


Sylven said...

Wow I love the Banyan Trees, I want it T_T

Taleri said...

Your art is wonderful.

ppdesigns said...

i love 'when we could fly - superman' gorgeous artwork!! and great blog raven!

Kerry said...

Seventeen is gorgeous, although I would have to choose
as my favorite. I am known widely as wonder, he's done a nice job with me!

TexasTesla said...

I love Mike's kid drawings, and have actually contacted him about doing a custom one for my 4 "superkids".

My favorite from his store has to be the "Best Friends Superhero" print - Batman and Superman on a teeter-totter.

nasus60 said...

Seventeen is my favorite listed in Etsy. What an incredible talent. You seem to have it all Mike. Beautiful art work and a beautiful wife. Is your life as incredible as it looks?

Jessica Ziel said...

For along time I've had the best friends superhero print in my faves. I so want it for my 2 little boys--who share a room. What would be more perfect?

Anonymous said...

I found Mike's photographic website while checking out all the various Brewery Art Walk artists. I went through the gallery several times. We share a love of Type 55 film (and I am sure we share the sad state of finding large supplies of it).

Very nice work throughout but far and away my favorite image is DOGTOWN because I am born and raised in Venice and the old painted on pavilion is long gone except for in photographs like this one.

If I could afford one I'd buy one for my house. Since I can't I can at least bookmark the site and visit once and a while.

Thanks and maybe I'll see you at the Art Walk. Don't know how to leave contact info here in case I win a print but I'd leave a comment anyway.


Stephanie said...

My favorites are Banyan Trees and Prayer Garden. So hauntingly beautiful - give me chills every time I look at them. Also I really like the Little Seamstress illustration - there is something about it I really relate too.

Celebrate Life said...

Wow, there is so much awesome stuff there! I really love the "Time to Play Superhero- Superman SuperBoy."

My nephew's name is Logan Kal-El. Yes, he is named after Superman!

My niece also loves the superheros, so the girl power ones are very neat, too!

Anonymous said...

my favorite piece is "Desolation"...
i hope i win.

ps: you guys are a beautiful couple!


Ruth Ann said...

Wow! Great work! Extremely impressive! I sure do hope I win!

The Downtown Boutique said...


Your hubby's things are SO cool! I love the "Best Friends Superhero Print".

I really like the giveaway print too! Very cool!


gracefullyhappy said...

my fave is the banyan trees; the cuz just bought a desolation piece...all pretty cool stuff!

Catherine said...

There's a hauntingly lonely quality to your work. Very stark, very dramatic, especially the trees. The sepia tone adds to it--these wouldn't have the same feeling if they were color photos!


My favorites: Banyan Trees, Bonnie, Bonnie and Clyde

erinpetersonart said...

Lilith! I must have her!!
Ohhhh I hope I win!

Alex Whatton said...

I have to admit, I think "Seventeen" is my favorite - I love the trees...but if I just had to pick one, it would definitely be "Wonder Woman!" Mike is very talented! Great contest!

Alex Whatton of MarthaHaskins Designs (

PS: I found this in the Etsy forums!

jeffery said...

Gorgeous work, love the loft. My favorite piece is "Desolation". It was great meeting you guys this weekend...


I AM VERY MARY said...

Living in rural Ohio has given me a deeper appreciation for tractors, so Keokuk is my fave!

oakmonster said...

Mike's stuff is AWESOME! And your stuff? My gosh, I still have dreams about your Tahitian bath salt. Should've bought some! Grrrrr....

You got a new fan now. :)

oakmonster said...

And of course, I would forget to mention my favorite work of Mike's to legally enter to win. :)

I'm not sure if it was Seventeen. But at Brewery Art Walk, it was the first print around the wall to the right, on mulberry paper. THAT kicks major ass.

I also like the Lost Little Bunny illustration. :)

Shelley said...

wow, what a fantastic giveaway, and what a talent! my favorite is Queen Anne's Lace; totally gorgeous.

Shelley said...

oops, i just realized i didn't leave my contact info!

Julie said...

Wonderful art! Nature at it's finest~The print your giving away is truly stunning, how generous of you! Our treasured trees! Just love it, it's wonderful! The print on Etsy of Queen Anne Lance is so soft & beautiful~very nice work!
Thank you, Julie

Michelle said...

I'm a huge Tree lover and have been know to turn the car around just to go back and "see" a tree! My favorite time to view them is at dawn and twilight.
I liked 3 of his trees...Entwined, Beckoning and best of all, Banyantrees because they seemed to be inviting the viewer in on an adventure.

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Oh I am so happy that I ran across this interview and giveaway!! What a fantastic artist!! My hub and I both have "a thing" for trees and all Mikiep's work with trees are wonderful. I love "Desolation" and "Seventeen" the best--though it's definitely hard to choose favorites from so many wonderful pieces!
Smiles, Karen

Oh, and I am and can be reached there when you are ready to send along my fantastic prize! ;O)

Raven said...

This contest is now closed. THANK YOU SO MUCH to all who entered.

The winner of the printer's copy of Mikie's new work "Seventeen" is OAKMONSTER! :)


Please be sure to enter this week's contest, which will be up shortly.


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