Friday, March 28, 2008

In the Closet...

Oh, it's a hard life for sure...having so much money that you MUST have an apartment-sized climate-controlled walk-in closet to house all the designer swag you've obtained over the years. I mean, I have a room dedicated to my clothing, shoes and hats ['cuz we don't have any cuties yet to fill up all the extra rooms we have], but it doesn't even compare to these diva digs.

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Paula Abdul

While large and full of designer clothing and accessories, Paula's walk-in closet in her 5,000 square foot Mediterranean style home looks packed to the hilt. I wouldn't want to be the one who has to clean up after her if she ever goes on a "don't know what to wear try-on and toss frenzy" that all of us women go through from time to time..., but at least all of her outfits and coordinating accessories are numbered with tags. That way her assistants can [somewhat] easily pack for her trips and events. Like I always say, money doesn't buy taste ...and in this case, it doesn't buy organization skills either. Paula should visit Nicky Hilton [featured below...] for some tips to keep her closet looking neat as a pin.

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Mariah Carey

I'm not a fan, but her shoe closet alone is spectacular...especially if you like gold, which I do NOT. Mariah has an enormous designer shoe store in her 12,000 sq ft Manhattan triplex...and most of her shoes are in storage still. Mariah, who owns over 1,000 pairs of shoes, designed this climate controlled dream space with gold-leaf and bleached wood floors...and I do like how neat and clean it is. She says, "If someone else ever bought [my apartment], she'd have to be a total diva!" ...Amen!

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Nicky Hilton

Sister to the infamous Paris, this Hilton heiress and fashion designer has what I'd consider to be thee ultimate closet in her 1950s two-story ranch above the Sunset Strip here in Cali. The home has two super organized couture ridden walk-in closets and the clothes in the walk-in closet are in separate closets...Meow! ...I love that! ...Not to mention the dark stained doors and floors with the contrasting white furniture. This is definitely my favourite.

Photos courtesy: InStyle


Rosebud Collection said...

Sometimes I just think, there are so many people that need help in this world and they have special closets for shoes..Kind of makes me sad..

ThisOldHenHouse said...

if Paula Abdul has suck a huge closet filled with designer clothes, I wonder why she always looks like she got dressed in the dark?

apparently theres no mirror in that closet.

Marilyn said...

This entry brings a tear to my eye because I don't know if I will ever be at a place to have a closet like these.


Although I don't wish to be crazy like Paula and Mariah.