Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pretty Things Fashion... Gripp Jeans


Designed by Dianne Grgat,  the A/W 2009 collection for Australian label Gripp Jeans is a renaissance of ‘gothic chic’.

"It's sophisticated glamour with a rock vamp edge, leaving the collection with a feel of lust and utter abandonment."

Key pieces such as the corsets in power net and lace emphasise feminine virtues such as the décolletage. Fitted body dresses in lace and draped jersey play a game of peek-a-boo on the derriere. Feminine assertiveness is expressed with strong structural lines in shoulder detailing and the use of leather and heavy metal hardware and trims.

Who said New Romantic is dead?



photos & copy...Gripp Jeans

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Video Eyecandy...DAY WILL SOON COME

Day Will Soon Come

Street Style Now...Shoe Trend Do's & Don'ts

} } FASHION DO'S... { {

Sweet meets tough, edgy style and trends abound with Studs / Hardware, Peep Toes, Booties, Cut Outs and more!  Here, some of the best and worst on some of the most stylish street walkers right now.


} } FASHION DON'TS... { {

We're not sold on tucking your pants into your strappy heels just yet...but the real FASHION DON'T here is wearing shoes that don't actually fit your feet and leave your little piggies trying to flee over the side of the shoe.

Wearing socks with heels / open shoes is a real trend right now, {see "Would You Wear This Trend"} but it's easy to do it wrong. Don't be a trend whore and try to mix several trends at once if they just don't work and look like a cluttered mess: Cuffed pants, floral socks and these light-coloured peep toed booties with white laces are a definite FASHION DON'T!

photos...Tommy Ton

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Life Lessons...Always Buy Two

"...Finding a comfortable pair of jeans that still manages to make your ass look like it's fighting to get out." - Allison Glock

 Always Buy Two

by Allison Glock

There are people who trip into bliss, gentle, smiling souls who coast on a never-ending sea of frothy optimism and the immovable belief that tomorrow will bring even more blessings than today.  I am not one of those people.  I trust that life for most of the planet is a cruel, unrelenting struggle brightened only momentarily by flashes of serendipity and luck.  A baby's smile.  A punctual flight.  Finding a comfortable pair of jeans that still manages to make your ass look like it's fighting to get out.  Such gifts are as rare as comets. Which is why, when you stumble onto something perfect, something that really - no debating, no shrugging - works, you should always buy two.

I learned this lesson early from my mother, who, being a Southern lady, wore stockings to work.  She also wore diamonds, and diamonds tend to shred nylons like so much pulled pork - a cause for panic unless you happen to have another pair stashed in your bureau drawer, which my mother inevitably did because she always bought two.  Of course, she could have removed her diamonds prior to pulling on her stockings, but because she'd bought two, she didn't have to.  And really - who removes diamonds when it isn't strictly necessary?

During an average day, most women drown in compromise.  Good enough.  It'll do. They look okay.  That's fine. At least he's employed.  Sure. I don't mind.  Whatever.  No, really.

When indisputable flawlessness enters our worn little worlds, it is cause for celebration.  And for stocking up.  I'm nt talking about SUVs or face-lifts here, but basics.  Staples. The white T-shirt that compassionately floats over your stomach.  The boots that don't suffocate your calves.  Lip gloss that gives you the pout of a teenager without sticking to your hair.  Toilet paper that doesn't shred or leave dust on your bathroom floor.  

Two offer symmetry and security.  With two you never ever run out.  With two you can break one.  With two you can breathe easy.  Three many seem even safer, but it borders on overkill and eats up valuable storage space.  Unless you're Oprah, who I've heard, buys 10 because she can.  Start with two.

repost from American Elle: "The Most Important Thing I've Learned"
Image: Robin Bardot skinny jeans

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Friday, September 25, 2009

The Good, The Bad and the Downright Fugly

} } The Good { {

Victorial Beckham 
...poses in one of her own creations. We love!

Eva Longoria-Parker

...looked chic and modern in a body hugging silver metallic number by Oscar de la Renta.

photo...Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images 

Selena Gomez

Take notes, Miley Cyrus!  Selena looks gorgeous in an age-appropriate gown, garnering attention thru beauty and style, not with a revealing outfit or a pole.

photo...Steve Granitz / WireImage

Gwen Stefani & Kingston

Like mama, like son.  How adorable!


  Kirsten Dunst

Super Kawaii!  We're loving all the colour she's sported as she made her way around Japan.

} } The Bad { {

Lucy Liu
Usually we love us some Lucy, but here she looks a bit drab.  The dress is killer, but perhaps a different pair of shoes and some colour on those legs would help turn this "Bad" into "Fab".
photo...Stephen Lovekin / Getty Images

Gwenyth Paltrow {right}

We don't know about you, but we don't want her trying to "nourish our inner aspect" with her Goop, when she can't seem to dress or take care of herself most of the time.  PS...Liv, you look great!

Getty Images

Naomi Campbell & Kate Moss
Ahem...next, please!

 photo...Richard Young / Star Traks

Lindsay Lohan
Noticing the bad lip job, at first we thought that this hot mess was Brittany Murphy, but alas, it's Miss Lohan "undercover".

 photo...Clint Brewer / Splash News Online

 } } The Downright Fugly { {

Tori Spelling

We were hoping that Uggs were finally OUT...but it looks like Uggs {and slippers! } are still de rigeur on the feet of Hollywood's most UNfashionable.

Kat Von 
Hungry for attention at any cost...Surprise, it's Kat Von D!

photo...Steve Granitz / WireImage

We have no words for this hot mess of an outfit.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thursday Snack...Versace Mens S/S 2010 [POLL]

There's nothing worse than looking at a male model who looks like he just turned legal and was finally let out into the sun for the first time...am I right?

Perusing the mens' fashion for this new season, Versace had some of the hottest male models on the runway. Most actually looked like they were over 17, most looked 'straight' and most had nice bodies.  

And, PS...These guys aren't chauffeured to Fashion Week by their mamas; they take the Metro. 


  click images to enlarge...

For more Versace Mens S/S 2020, go here

All photos...Marcio Madeira

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Michael Jackson's 'This is It'

Michael Jackson's 


Celebrate the global launch of Michael Jackson's THIS IS IT at the new Regal Cinemas L.A. LIVE Stadium 14 by attending a special advance screening to the highly anticipated film.

Tickets for the special advance screenings go on sale exclusively at L.A. LIVE on Sunday, September 27th at 12:01 AM.

L.A. LIVE is the only location worldwide where Michael Jackson’s biggest fans can buy tickets in person for the special advance screenings.

For more info, go HERE...

Will YOU Wear This Trend...Thigh High Boots [POLL]

Hopefully you've been working those legs on the thigh master all summer 'cuz Fall looks offer up all sorts of killer over-the-knee boots in luxe leather, suede and everything in between.  Might we suggest skipping the Starbucks for this season and spending that extra cash on a pair or two of these beauties...?

Alexander McQueen

Alexandre Herchcovitch

Hussein Chalayan


 Yigal Azrouel


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What We're Loving this Week...

Delicious Fall treats inspired by the first day of a new season.

click to enlarge...

from top, left to right...

1} Earth Elements Necklace by Dutch Touch Beads 2} 50s Lady Coat by McGregor Girl
3} Forget Not the Fall Earrings by Lulu McCleary
4}Mini Cupcakes by The Cupcake Mint
5} Multi Task Bag by Iragrant 6} 'Pears on Granite' Print by Mookie Jones
7} Autumn Moon Pendant Set by Squishy Sushi  8} Fall Leaves Scarf by Not the Sun
'The Little Craftsman' Print by Mikiep 10} 'The Little Seamstress' Print by Mikiep  11} 'I Will Know When I Get There' Print by Dirty Pretty Things 12} Mandarin Ginger Fragrant Soy Candle by Dirty Pretty Things

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