Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Racism at its Very Best

1 } Go to Google.
2 } Search for "White Men Stealing Car"
3 } Click "I'm Feeling Lucky"

Originally what you got was Google asking "Do you mean 'Black Men Stealing Car'? but, now it just takes you to this, which is pretty much the same thing {racist bastards!}...and super funny, so watch it:

The best part sometimes are the inane comments people leave on U Tube, such as the following, which is a racist, but very true statement about whitey:

i would gladly live in a black area where thay would probably steal my car or rob me for my money .....than live in a white area where my kids could get molested or killed by some dumb white folk cause he lost his job ya white folks are the craziest son of bitches who would kill u at work then molest ur kids and then burn ur house down and last but not least in court claim TEMPORARY INSANITY YALL FUCKKED UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously, you don't find too many child molesters OR serial killers who aren't white males..but, I do beg that we all remember that Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez {from TLC} went nuts one night and burned down her boy friend's house...and she is of the African American persuasion. LOL

We all have our issues, but stereotypes DO in fact come from somewhere.


D-Rig said...

LMFAO!!!! That is flat out funny shite!!!

ElegantSnobbery said...

LOVED that! hahahahaha, so funny!

drollgirl said...


i'd also like to point out that a HUGE percentage of the prison/convict population is MALE.

MirabellaLove said...

SO funny. I love when the old lady does the roll. lol.
I totally remember when that girl from TLC burned down her BF's house. Drama.

I guess women are called crazy all the time by men, but the men are actually the crazy ones if all the jails, etc are filled with them. That or women are way more clever and just don't get caught.