Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pretty Things Fashion...Japan Fashion Week Wraps

Japan Fashion Week for Fall 2009 RTW wrapped this past weekend with designers not only giving us plenty of theatrics, but surprisingly wearable pieces as well.
Here, more of our favourites...

Hidenobu Yasui
{ right & below}

For fall/winter, designer Hidenobu Yasui kept his palette neutral and his shapes relatively straightforward, going heavy on button trim and textured knitwear. Key items included wide-legged pants, sleeveless dresses and a suit sporting double lapels.

Han Ahn Soon
Designer Ahn Soon Han went on a colorful romp for fall/winter, mixing textured fabrics like tweed, houndstooth and lace into flirty dresses and coats with ethnic accents like Eastern European-style embroidery.

Designer Reem Alasadi made the trek to Tokyo from her home city of London and brought plenty of her Portobello Road vintage sensibility with her. For her fall/winter collection-brimming with 1980's and Victorian references- she sent out a wild mix of tattered chiffon asymmetrical confections, a layered dress made of quilted material, sequined leggings and a fuchsia knit jumpsuit.
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Mikio Sakabe
Designing duo Mikio Sakabe and Shueh Jen-Fang turned out feminine looks for fall/winter, including flouncy skirts in sweet springtime hues — some worn over jeans, a chic pair of quilted hot pants and carrot-shaped trousers with roomy pockets.

Dress Camp
Macedonian designer Marjan Pejoski, famed for creating Bjork's unforgettable swan dress, said opium divas, heiresses on the Orient Express and Fritz Lang's seminal film "Metropolis" inspired his fall/winter lineup for Dress Camp featuring body-hugging dresses, chain mail tops, patchwork velvet jackets and plenty of gold and floral accents. "I just wanted to keep it quite coherent and quite strong."
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Designer Tamae Hirokawa was inspired by Japanese armor this season and produced a collection of sharp coats — some with embroidered layers of fabric — as well as knit dresses and a series of coats and gowns featuring delicate origami pleats.
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Gut's Dynamite Cabarets
Designers Cabaret Aki and Jackal Kuzu offered up androgynous looks complete with edgy leather jackets and quirky prints featuring guitars, butterflies and Hello Kitty. Meow.click to enlarge...
Photos...Yuko Isobe
source: WWD

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Pretty Things Fashion...Designer Motonari Ono

Japan Fashion Week moves along with designer Motonari Ono, who showed a romantic collection of delicate dresses, tailored jackets and poet's blouses. Lace trim and ruffles adorned much of the collection, giving it a slightly goth-romance feel. Yay!

Photos...Yuko Isobe
source: WWD

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Last Chance to Enter...

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Pretty Things Fashion...Designer Aguri Sagimori

Japan Fashion Week continues...
A look at Japanese designer Aguri Sagimori for Fall 2009 RTW. Look for distressed leather jackets, dresses with suede bodices, a Persian lamb jacket and a laser-perforated leather dress with lantern sleeves.

Photos...Yuko Isobe
source: WWD

Friday, March 27, 2009

What do YOU think of...?

Paris Hilton &
Kathy Griffin

What do YOU think of...them stepping out as BFFs to do some shopping together in complimentary outfits?

photos...INF {top right}/Harris/X17 Online {left & below}

Tyra Banks
What do YOU think of...her still not practicing what she preaches by wearing these ill-fitting pants that make her crotchal area look like she's just wet herself?

Lisa Rinna
What do YOU think of...her jungle girl outfit complete with a skirt of feathers?
photo...Arun Nevader/Wire Image

What do YOU think of...her new look?

Ashley Olsen
What do YOU think of...her 60 year old 'bag' lady look, complete with frizzy hair, a sour look and bag so huge it could carry HER around?photo...INF

Nylon Magazine and Lindsay Lohan
What do YOU think of...Nylon Magazine calling Lindsay a "pin-up for a new era"?

Janet Jackson
What do YOU think of...her new over-sized duds? She's not likely to have a well-planned 'wardrobe malfunction' with these.
photos...Edward Opinaldo/Pacific Coast News {left} / Splash {right}

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Complex Situation

Kim Kardashian is featured in Complex magazine this month, but as you might have already heard, the magazine originally "forgot" to Photoshop one of the images of her. {see below}

Don't worry, the "mistake" was caught and replaced with society's idea of the perfect woman. Kim miraculously lost the veins and cellulite on her legs, gained some additional curves to her cleavage and waistline and her outfit now fits her every curve.

Honestly, we think the lack of photo shopping was the least of the magazine's worries. Kim looks great in all her PhotoShopped glory, but the creative direction for the shoot itself was just really bad.

Then again, Complex is a magazine for men, so as long as the female "models" they use show some majorly enhanced T & A, who cares about bad backdrops and lighting effects, right?

Before PhotoShop / After PhotoShop

click to enlarge pix...
See the full feature & more pix here...

Pretty Things Fashion...Japan Fashion Week

We have always loved Japanese fashion design for its innovation and inspiration, so naturally we're excited that Japan Fashion Week is in full swing.

For Fall 2009 RTW, Japanese designers are offering up plenty of theatrics and other interesting garb. Layers abound with delicate dresses, structured outerwear and innovative knits. Here, some of our favourites...

Everlasting Sprout {right & below}
Designer Keiichi Muramatsu once again played with the versatility of knits, working yarns both bulky and delicate into sweaters, dresses, shorts, and other cozy layers.

Designers Hokuto Katsui and Nao Yagi are known for their quirky prints and distinctly Tokyo style sense. Once again, they delivered on that front — albeit with slightly darker undertones this season. Yagi said...this show "represents a rebellion" against the fashion system. The result? Models bearing crowns of thorns and colorful masks showed off a mix of plasticized ponchos, delicately embroidered pieces in gray and white and dresses bearing velour skeleton motifs.

Designers Hiroyuki Horihata and Makiko Sekiguchi once again mined a distinctly Japanese theme to stunning effect, turning out a lovely batch of kimono-style wrap dresses and coats almost entirely in black silks and jacquards.

Support Surface
Designer Norio Surikabe turned out another signature minimalist collection featuring tapered pants, dresses with voluminous shoulders and tailored jackets. The palette was heavy on pinstripes and gray, punctuated with bursts of silver, midnight blue and yellow.

The Dress & Co.
Making its debut at Japan Fashion Week, this newly launched collection had a romantic European peasant vibe. Hideaki Sakaguchi turned out a collection of dainty dresses with handkerchief hems and billowy blouses. There were many luscious layers of silk tulle, lace and cotton shirting material.

Photos...Yuko Isobe
source: WWD

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What We're Loving this Week...

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from top, left to right...
1 } Custom Wedding Cake Topper by Red Light Studio 2 } Peacock Feather Clutch by Red Ruby Rose 3 } Dupioni Silk Wrap by Bonzie 4 }Newsprint Bunny Print by MarmeeCraft 5 } Looking For Love Photo by Irene Suchocki 6 } Bronze Flower Earrings by Enve Jewelry
7 } Someday Hat by Serpilerol 8 } Somebunny Somewhere Print by The Poppy Tree
9 }Where's The Party Print by RavenX 10 } Owls Magnet Set by RavenX

The Aliens Have Landed...

In a dire attempt to garner attention, Chinese fashion designer Jiang Zhou draws inspiration from a recent series of UFO encounters in the country during the Hempel Award 17th International Young Fashion Designer contest.

Has 'fashion' gone too over the top for you?

photos... Guang Niu/Getty Images