Sunday, March 22, 2009

"What We're Loving This Week..." Submissions

"What We're Loving This Week..." Submissions

Let everyone know what YOU"RE loving this week!

We're currently accepting submissions for our weekly "What We're Loving..." feature.
Of course, I will also be picking 1-3 items from YOUR shop to feature as well!

Here's how to submit your picks and get featured:
1 } Pick 4 of your favourite items from other Etsy sellers and heart them so they are visible under your 'favourite items'.
2 } Convo me HERE with your Etsy Mini code for your faves:
•Under 'Items to Show'...Pick "Items from my Favourites"
•Under 'Choose the Image Size'...Pick "Gallery"
•Under 'Choose Layout'..."Pick 2 columns, 2 rows"
3 } Include links to your picks [separately]
4 } Include links to your shop and blog.*

*If you "Follow" my blog, let me know and I will also include a link to your blog.

NOTE: Groupings based on colour or theme look best.  

•You can enter as many submissions as you'd like, but there is no guarantee that all will be used. 
•I will contact you when you are chosen for that week's feature, which is you might not be featured this week or next, but you might be featured several weeks from now.
•If items you'd like to feature are no longer available at the time of posting, I will ask you to fill those spots.
•I will also personally look at your shop and pick some of YOUR items to feature that week as well.

Convo me HERE  with submissions and/or questions...Look forward to hearing from you!


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