Sunday, June 1, 2008

Pretty Things Spotlight: * Maicen *

Update: The lucky winner of a print by Maicen of her choice is KAT ROMAN!


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Oh, the enchanting delights and joy of new discovery! You are about to experience the work of Maicen, a delicious young Norwegian girl who's work is full of amusing lovelies, quirky shapes, spindly appendages and fashionable clothes, unique and identifiable as her own.

"I draw when I am in the mood for it. I have learned the hard way by trying when not inspired at all. The brain works in mysterious ways...."

Although a lot of Maicen's work is in black and white, she creates colourful paintings full of her fashionable quirky characters as well. She enjoys focusing on simple lines, trying to see how much emotion, mood and movement she can create with the most littlest amount of lines.

Tell us a bit about you…
am a 25-year-old Norwegian girl and a part-time schoolteacher, teaching first grade (its really fun). I love art and enjoy drawing and painting. In my spare-time I just draw and draw:)… I also love interiors, design, fashion and vintage-stuff too. My vintage purse collection is constantly growing (my husband says that I don’t need them all, but I do :)

Tell us about your name Maicen…
The name comes from Germany, where they took the name Maria and
turned in to Maiken. Then, it became popular in Sweden with forms like Majken, Marikken, etc… Finally there is Maicen :) There are actually only five people who have the name spelled like mine in Norway, and I do like it. I very much feel like a Maicen!

What inspires you?
Everything! I get very much inspired of almost anything, but if I have to pick just a couple of things, I would have to go with summer, my students, fun-looking
people, movies and fashion mags. I draw when I am in the mood for it. I have learned the hard way by trying when not inspired at all. The brain works in mysterious ways...

Apart from creating things, what do you do for fun?
I read, watch movies, listen to great music, re-do the flat and just have fun with my husband. I also love to travel, but my budget
is quite tight at the moment.

What has been your most memorable moment selling your art?
I have been cra
fting since I was about 15-years old. I started selling in a local store when I was 20, and I still LOVE when I get sales!!! When I had my first show, a lady bought 5 drawings the very first day! I was SO happy as I was expecting maybe a couple of sales during the whole show. It really made me more confident with myself and my art.

If you could be a super heroine, who would it be and why?
Wonder-woman of course. She just looks so cool!

More about You...
My l
ongest and most exciting trip was to the US. My husband, my in-laws, my brother in-law and myself went from LA to San Francisco to Las Vegas and back to LA. It was great!
The same "crew" are going to Thailand soon, and I cant wait to get there! It just seems so great, warm and friendly.

Any future plans for your art?
I want to start making t-shirts and baby-clothes with my drawings printed on them. I think it
would look really good and I hope the public agrees!

Any advice for fellow artists...
Trust your own instincts, and do what feels right for YOU.

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The Give-a-Way...

The serenely beautiful girl at left is just one possibility for you to pick from if you are this week's give-a-way winner.

Maicen is allowing the winner to PICK YOUR FAVOURITE item in the sale area of her shoppe as a give-a-way giftie! YAY!

How to enter:

Take a look into Maicen's shoppe or on her Flickr pages to pick piece of art that you'd LOVE to have as your very own. You can pick your winning item later, so just pick your very very fave without worry.
Then, leave a comment here by clicking on the comments area below and tell us what your favourite piece is.

Most Important Details:
If your favourite piece of Maicen's art is not part of your comment and/or some sort of viable contact information is not included, your entry will be automatically disqualified. Winner has 3 days to contact me with their address. Give-a-way is shipped out via the artist. The winner's name will be drawn from a hat...the good ole' fashioned way to do things. One entry per person. All entries must be received by noon Sunday, June 8th, 2008, PST.
This contest is open to everyone

Best of luck to you, my Pretties!


Fuji Mama said...

My favorite is from her Emptiness series:

Sherry Goodloe said...

my favorites is from the wonder series. please enter me for a chance to grab one of these little beauties!!

ThisOldHenHouse said...

oooh stunning artwork and a great feature!

You always find the best shops Raven!!

This one is wonderful! I love her buns :-)

Always In Style said...

Oh my goodness, I want them all - so pretty!

windycindy said...

Greetings! What a fun site she has. The flickr pages were delightful. I like the print titled "New Girl in Town!" Please enter me in your fabulous drawing. Many thanks, Cindi

Anonymous said...

I like the emptiness series. I love the way she draws hair. I love her little fishscale dress. I wish I had a dress like that.

Very cute stuff.

Anam said...

It's nearly impossible to many lovely creations. But, since I must I'll c hoose the girl with braids ( I have really long, long braids too). It's on Flickr

Petra said...

LOVE the ideas for note cards and love how you incorporated one into the feature. What a great idea!
Thanks for introducing me to her work. I had not come across her before.

BlossomingTree said...

I just love this pillowcase.

and this:
Photo manipulated picture of a pen drawing from the series: emptiness

Anonymous said...

My favorite is the bun-head pillow case!
i love the bun girls you create, and then on a pillow case art+a use. i love it.
i'm a bun head!
Zemphira on etsy

Bunny B said...

Lovely stuff! I'm torn between this and this


Hope you're having a pretty weekend, Raven!!!


Raven said...

This give-a-way is now closed. The lucky winner who gets to pick a print by Maicen is...KAT ROMAN!

Congratulations, Kat! :)


Anonymous said...

Oh how I love my poster! It is too cooool.

Thanks so much!