Thursday, June 12, 2008

Chain Blog: I am...

This is a chain blog.
I know, I know...we just hate any sort of chains! ...But, you have to admit that some of them contain great stories, tear jerkers even...Inspirations and Life Lessons that someone thinks you might enjoy and wants you to share with
others. Hence my reasoning for starting what I know to be the very first chain blog. :)

"I am..." was first posted by Jen of "A Girl & Her Polaroid", but I found it through JLC Studio.

Here's what you do...
1} Post this same "I am..." inspiration on your blog for all the other Pretties in the world to see.
2} Mention and link to anyone who has blogged about it before such as I have above.
3} Then, read this inspiration to yourself every single day...cuz, really Girl, you ARE ALL of these things, especially if you look beyond the material things in life.

You never know...That one person who discovers this on your blog just might be having the worst day of her life...and you could turn it all around for her. So, Share...and SMILE... This is ALL ABOUT YOU!

I am...


Petra said...

What inspiration to start my day! Thanks, Raven.
Every one of us really IS all of those things.

ThePeachTree said...

Very cool :) Can it be like a checklist as well once you'd achieved these things? Or just a mantra, a mantra is fine with me.

Raven said...

Peachtree...It can be whatever you wish as long as it helps you! I've been saying this every day now. I know this sort of thing takes a while. First you don't believe it can become anything, but if you keep giving yourself love and affirmation, you flourish.
...sort of like planting a seed and then watching it become a beautiful flower.
It's the power of Intention.