Thursday, June 12, 2008

Freaky Friday... The Towering Hive

Recent sightings of Amy Winehouse find that mess of a hairdo defying gravity by getting higher and higher.

I'm quite impressed really! I know how hard it is to keep the hair up considering I had a foot high mohawk/spikes back in my goth punk days and had to use Knox gelatin and Aqua Net Extra Super Hold to keep it up. It takes a lot of work to maximize the height and I don't think she really uses much except for hair extensions, A LOT of teasing and some spray.

It's also great to see that Amy is prepared for her future!

If people finally stop buying her music and supporting her crack habit, I'm
sure she can always get a job as one of the Royal Guard as she's already sporting the busby.

...or a fill-in for Marge Simpson.

And, behold Amy Winehouse and the "Building of the Hive" thanks to TMZ...

Behold the building of the beehive with wee soul singer Amy Winehouse, who was filmed in a British train station, piling up the rat's nest on her haid -- and it clearly takes a lot of work to look that trashy! This tireless effort may explain how she stays so thin!

At what point does she decide that looks good?!


Bunny B said...

I've never been a fan of hers.

Petra said...

Ewww, I am now grossed out officially.
The video isn't working for me for some reason though. I hope it's back up soon. It's like a train wreck where you just have to watch.

lola and ruby said...

Those first two photos reminds us of the movie Mars of the aliens...yipes!

Lola and Ruby