Sunday, May 25, 2008

Pretty Things Spotlight: SophiasSweetSpot

Update: The winner of the sweet Gypsy Jane print by SophiasSweetSpot is AFSANEH!


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Sophia's work is a little bit shabby chic and a little bit retro mod...but, no matter how you describe it, you'll definitely be drawn to the bright colours, geometric patterns and her doe-eyed Ingenues.

ophia's work exudes nothing but fun with it's imaginative shapes and whimsical swirling details. It's evident that Sophia very much enjoys delving into the artistic side of her spirit...and we are so happy that she does!

"I am always sketching and when I get to steal time away for myself I love to paint. It's what I love to
do the most..."

Spotlight: SophiasSweetSpot

Tell us a bit about you…
I am Sophia…a 28 year old stay at home mother/artist. I am married to my wonderful husband Stephen and the U.S. Army! Currently we live in North Carolina, but are originally from Corpus Christi, TX. Stephen and I never dated…we just saw each other and a month later it was off to Honolulu, HI to get married. We have 2 beautiful daughters, Milla Sweet (3yrs), and Allie Love (1yr). Since I live away from family and stay at home with my girls, I’ve started painting. My paintings stem from a pile of sketchbooks I have filled over the years.

What inspires you?
I am inspired by so many things, but mostly vintage. I love to browse fabric,
patterns, and old fashion magazine covers. I collect vintage buttons and tons of scrap paper. Right now, I’m totally addicted to Martha Stewart paper! I usually take everything out and have at it. I am also inspired by other Etsy artists as there is so much talent on Etsy.

Apart from creating things, what do you do for fun?
For fun I like to just be with my husband and two daughters. He is gone a lot, so when he is home, our time is super precious. We mostly like to cook and entertain for friends. A typical weekend includes my husband making his awesome Korean BBQ and having margaritas!

What has been your most memorable moment selling your art?
My most memorable moment was of course my first sale on Etsy! It was a high to have someone buy a piece of my art. I was also very shocked and honored to be accepted into Trunkt. I get to have my portfolio on the site amongst so many amazing artists.

Any advice for fellow artists...
Create what makes you happy and not what sells. Sometimes I get caught
up in what other people think of my art, but what should be most important is what one likes to do. What’s the point otherwise? Also, if you want to succeed, never quit! Never in a million years did I think I would even have a chance to pursue art and I get to do that now.

More about you...
I do not have any formal training besides taking an art class when I was in sixth grade, but I really want to study graphic design one day. It took me so long to realize what I wanted to do and, finally, I 28…Geez! I have so much to look forward to…This is just the beginning for me.


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Enter this week's give-a-way!

Gypsy Jane is back with her curly hair and retro head

Oh how I wish I could sometimes enter the give-a-ways on my blog...'cuz Miss Sophia is graciously giving away a print of "Gypsy Jane" this week.
This print is a reproduction of an original painting by Sophia and measures 8"x10". It has been professionally printed on Kodak Supra Professional Matte Photographic paper.

How to enter:

Take a look into Sophia's shoppe, SweetSophiasSpot, on Etsy and pick your most favourite piece of art. Then, leave a comment here by clicking on the comments area below and tell us what your favourite piece is.

Most Important Details:
If your favourite piece of Sophia's art is not part of your comment and/or some sort of viable contact information is not included, your entry will be automatically disqualified. Winner has 3 days to contact me with their address. Give-a-way is shipped out via the artist. The winner's name will be drawn from a hat...the good ole' fashioned way to do things. One entry per person. All entries must be received by noon Sunday, June 1st, 2008, PST. This contest is open to everyone.

Best of luck to you, my Pretties!


Petra said...

Cute feature. I really like her retro mini art. Oh, and also the Lola and the Miss Margaret prints.

Thanks again!

Kerry said...

Gypsy Jane is my favorite! She looks just like my best friend Jax. If I happen to win, I would give the print to Jax for her June b-day!

Anonymous said...

Sophia has the best funky-modern-sassy-retro prints! Ooohhh she's just too fantastic to capture in a single word. Totally fell for the retro mini art...think it's the best way to jazz some plain ol' wall!

boshemian said...

Hey! How did I become anonymous? This is boshemian from Thot I was signed into Google oredi..

meplusmolly said...

oooo great work. my favourite is frenchie blue! so lovely. best of luck with it all ;)

Sherry Goodloe said...

I have to say that Gypsy Jane is one of my favorites. I'm drawn to the circles of the hair! I was thinking if I win I would give it to a friend of mine that is decorating her bathroom in bubbles, but I think I'll have to keep this one for myself. I mean, hey, she can enter to win TOO right? LOL

Samantha said...

In Full Bloom 2 is my favorite. it's really nice :)

My name on etsy is AbbydonKraftwerks and email is

Princess Caitlin said...

wow! I love her prints. So sweet and vibrant! (vibrant is one of my favorite words)

I'm growing my blonde curls back out - I'll look just like Gypsy Jane!

Princess Caitlin said...

I think I forgot to mention that Gypsy Jane is my favorite... I'd love to win her. :)

CaitiJo @ etsy

Fuji Mama said...

Frenchie Blue is my favorite!

ThisOldHenHouse said...

Oh this shop has been in my favorites, well, FOREVER!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE her hippie chick paintings!!

I really dont think I can pick just one favorite though!! I love Hippie Chic and Karma, and Frenchie Blue... and I could totally keep going :-)

AMAZING feature!

Nicole said...

I am in love with Abstract Nature Walk 3. The colors are fresh and I love the theme of this line of work - as I cherish nature's lovely little gifts every day of my life:)

Two Peas In a Pod said...

I love Hippi Chic II. She has a lot of beautiful art. Although I have a new nickname I have been blogging about and it is Gypsy lady :)
Cheers KYla

Afsaneh said...

I Love her... I want her as my Best Friend!!!

Afsaneh said...

Gypsy Jane is far out!!!

Raven said...

This contest give-a-way is now closed. Thanks so much to all who entered.

The winner of the sweet "Gypsy Jane" print by SophiasSweetSpot is AFSANEH!



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