Friday, May 16, 2008

America's Next Top Model...Blonde Bombshell

After a marathon watch of America's Next Top Model 2008 last weekend when I wasn't feeling well, I saw every episode except the last for this past cycle....and desperately tried very hard to not have the ending spoiled by yesterday's media. I succeeded until last night at 11.59pm when I checked my email only to find the winner announced in the subject headline of someone's email.
Grrr...Well, I guess I can talk about it now too.

◦ ○◦○ ◦

The Finalists, just in case you haven't watched this cycle:

Born in Russia and now residing in Hawai'i, Anya went from sultry brunette to blonde nymph during the competition.

A plus-sized { that's a size 10 in the modeling world } student from Atlantic Beach, FL who went from brunette to Anna Nicole-blonde during her ANTM makeover.
FATIMA SIAD, 22 { and my pick even if her walk and attitude needed an adjustment...}
Originally from Somalia and a survivor of female genital mutilation at age 7, this Iman look-a-like now resides in Boston, MA.

And,...the Winner is:


Even though she was never on top in the competition, her work was always steady and beautiful ...and her runway walk almost perfect.
On top of that, she's the first full-figured model to win the competition, which is a far cry from the toothpicks who have been banned from the runways recently.

Could this win possibly usher in a new era of blonde full-figured bombshells like we saw in the late 80's? We can only wait and see...

"People always say you have to be stick-skinny, emaciated and unhealthy and I've kind of stood up for [being full-figured] my whole life,...'I am a plus-size model and I am beautiful.'"

As the winner of "Top Model," Whitney, will have a fashion spread in Seventeen and an Elite modeling contract.


OakMonster said...

You know I only watched one episode of this season. (The homeless shoot) and I picked Fatima right off the bat.

But then I saw Whitney and I was like WHOA! I keep looking for her in the shots from that point on. That girl is GORGEOUS! But being Top Model, I didn't know what chance they'd give to plus-size.

Apparently, they give her the top spot. That's just awesome. I wonder if they'd give a petite model a chance next time too. :)

Beadiful Things said...

Whitney was my pick. I was certain that Anya would win, so I was pleasantly surprised when Whitney won.

As for Fatima...I know it's not supposed to be a Miss Congeniality contest, but I never really warmed to her.

Sherry G. said...

As a size 10 myself now, I was tickled pink that Whitney won (smiles)