Saturday, May 31, 2008

What's Red and White?

I have been featured in a very sweet little treasury curated by OzKnits {who sells the most wunderful handspun yarns!} and I just had to share!

This confection of red and white treats features my Love Parade Clown, Worthington. {right}

He just looks so comfy settled in amongst all of the other pretties, doesn't he?

What's Red and White?

click to enlarge image...

Friday, May 30, 2008

Freaky Friday... Starved for Attention

Poor Bai Ling... She's a total attention whore.
She's either popping a nipple, shop lifting or wearing band aids with secret messages {or promos} just to get people to notice her.
Not cute, not funny, not sexy...just sad, really.

I don't know about you, but my girls have never jumped ship unless I helped them out...and I'm pretty well-endowed naturally. But Miss Ling seems to have issues with hers allll the time. Then again, I don't think she's ever been taught the proper way to wear a bra, so she just doesn't most of the time.

Normally, I'm all for a nip slip or two, but with her, it's just ICK.
If you get queasy easily, beware of her intentional nip slip in the images below...

She totally freaks me out...

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bringing SEX-y Back...

The long-awaited Sex and the City movie opens in theatres tomorrow after it's premiere kickoff at Radio City Music Hall earlier this week.

Women everywhere are all a-titter, plannin
g SATC parties and movie outings with their BFFs...and here at Dirty Pretty Things, we are no different...! :)

We're stepping back into our Jimmy Choo stilettos and going just to catch up on what's happened since the Carrie and the girls last left us ...and, of course, to gossip
on the fashion styled by Miss Patricia Field. We'll decide what works and what doesn't...for us anyway.

Here's a peek at some great Sex and the City styles we love...

{ Prints Galore }

From enchanting florals to bold graphics... Charlotte {Kristin Davis}, Carrie {Sarah Jessica Parker} and Miranda {Cynthia Nixon} look fun and flirty in their patterned dresses and sexy stilettos.

{ Garden Party }

Florals florals everywhere! Carrie looks absolutely amazing in this pink floral confection {left} and her signature flower is back and larger than ever! {below}

{ Fatal Fur }

Samantha {Kim Cattrall} and Carrie look warm, cozy and confident {that there are no PETA people close by} as they work those furs to the hilt.

{ Wedding Belles }

Carrie is the perfect Manhattan princess bride in a killer Vivienne Westwood gown complete with veil and head piece of feathers.
{right and below}

...And, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte are radiant brides maids in colourful Zac Posen gowns.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Pretty Things: Protea

The quirky, curiously beautiful Spring/Summer 2008 collection by Protea is clean, simple and easy to wear...the name Protea coming from the botanical genus name of flowering shapes of different forms.
I'm loving it...

{{ Protea }}

Monday, May 26, 2008

Pretty Things: Hair Apparent

I'm all for the new hair styles that have graced the runways recently. Take a look at some of my favourites that definitely might be a bit avant-garde for some of you, but with cuts like these, you'll definitely get noticed!

Perfectly Imperfect


High Volume

Short Cuts

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Pretty Things Spotlight: SophiasSweetSpot

Update: The winner of the sweet Gypsy Jane print by SophiasSweetSpot is AFSANEH!


◦ ○◦○ ◦

Sophia's work is a little bit shabby chic and a little bit retro mod...but, no matter how you describe it, you'll definitely be drawn to the bright colours, geometric patterns and her doe-eyed Ingenues.

ophia's work exudes nothing but fun with it's imaginative shapes and whimsical swirling details. It's evident that Sophia very much enjoys delving into the artistic side of her spirit...and we are so happy that she does!

"I am always sketching and when I get to steal time away for myself I love to paint. It's what I love to
do the most..."

Spotlight: SophiasSweetSpot

Tell us a bit about you…
I am Sophia…a 28 year old stay at home mother/artist. I am married to my wonderful husband Stephen and the U.S. Army! Currently we live in North Carolina, but are originally from Corpus Christi, TX. Stephen and I never dated…we just saw each other and a month later it was off to Honolulu, HI to get married. We have 2 beautiful daughters, Milla Sweet (3yrs), and Allie Love (1yr). Since I live away from family and stay at home with my girls, I’ve started painting. My paintings stem from a pile of sketchbooks I have filled over the years.

What inspires you?
I am inspired by so many things, but mostly vintage. I love to browse fabric,
patterns, and old fashion magazine covers. I collect vintage buttons and tons of scrap paper. Right now, I’m totally addicted to Martha Stewart paper! I usually take everything out and have at it. I am also inspired by other Etsy artists as there is so much talent on Etsy.

Apart from creating things, what do you do for fun?
For fun I like to just be with my husband and two daughters. He is gone a lot, so when he is home, our time is super precious. We mostly like to cook and entertain for friends. A typical weekend includes my husband making his awesome Korean BBQ and having margaritas!

What has been your most memorable moment selling your art?
My most memorable moment was of course my first sale on Etsy! It was a high to have someone buy a piece of my art. I was also very shocked and honored to be accepted into Trunkt. I get to have my portfolio on the site amongst so many amazing artists.

Any advice for fellow artists...
Create what makes you happy and not what sells. Sometimes I get caught
up in what other people think of my art, but what should be most important is what one likes to do. What’s the point otherwise? Also, if you want to succeed, never quit! Never in a million years did I think I would even have a chance to pursue art and I get to do that now.

More about you...
I do not have any formal training besides taking an art class when I was in sixth grade, but I really want to study graphic design one day. It took me so long to realize what I wanted to do and, finally, I 28…Geez! I have so much to look forward to…This is just the beginning for me.


(¯`'•.¸(¯`'•.¸(¯`'•.¸ * ◦ *¸.•'´¯)¸.•'´¯)¸.•'´¯)

Enter this week's give-a-way!

Gypsy Jane is back with her curly hair and retro head

Oh how I wish I could sometimes enter the give-a-ways on my blog...'cuz Miss Sophia is graciously giving away a print of "Gypsy Jane" this week.
This print is a reproduction of an original painting by Sophia and measures 8"x10". It has been professionally printed on Kodak Supra Professional Matte Photographic paper.

How to enter:

Take a look into Sophia's shoppe, SweetSophiasSpot, on Etsy and pick your most favourite piece of art. Then, leave a comment here by clicking on the comments area below and tell us what your favourite piece is.

Most Important Details:
If your favourite piece of Sophia's art is not part of your comment and/or some sort of viable contact information is not included, your entry will be automatically disqualified. Winner has 3 days to contact me with their address. Give-a-way is shipped out via the artist. The winner's name will be drawn from a hat...the good ole' fashioned way to do things. One entry per person. All entries must be received by noon Sunday, June 1st, 2008, PST. This contest is open to everyone.

Best of luck to you, my Pretties!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Freaky Friday... Hot or Not?

Eva Mendez sucking on her own toes in a Steven Meisel shoot for Italian Vogue...Is it hot or is it not?

and, IS her foot, in case you might have wondered.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Pretty Things Spotlight: * ElisabethSpace *

Update: The winner of the Lou Lou necklace by ElisabethSpace is SHERRY G.!


◦ ○◦○ ◦

With inspiration taken from the most incidental places and
things, jewelry by ElisabethSpace is free-spirited and beautiful in its balance and contradiction.

"I do love to keep each piece tantalizing with a smattering of color or an air of organic timelessness..."

Gentle yet whimsical shapes noted with colour capture a
Bohemian attitude. With nuanced differences, each piece captures clarity, drama, individuality and a casual yet elegant style appropriate for a picnic in the park or a night out on the town.

Spotlight: ElisabethSpace

Tell us a bit about yourself…
Hello! I'm Elisabeth Percival from the lovely Midwest, Omaha, NE to be precise. Me: *bespeckled with freckles* *first time befuddled homeowner* *wear sandals whenever possible* *love my green eyes* *any cheese is a good cheese* *difficult to hear in noisy places* *lover of learning* *novice photographer* *

What inspires you?
My inspirations are always changing. Generally, silly whims and happy accidents set the course for a number of my designs. Frequently, I find myself drawn to a particular color for ridiculously long time, more often than not, some lush shade of blue or green. While I sometimes wish I was the type of artist that could plan out a design with sketches and finite notions, I usually like to plop down at my table when I'm feeling creative and simply play with the jumble of color and metal surrounding me. It's all rather willy-nilly, but that seems to be how I create my favorite pieces.

Apart from creating things, what do you do for fun?
In addition to the tried and true responses such as vacationing, reading, and cooking, I also enjoy soy lattes or double italianos, quality time on my charming, beeaauuutiful covered porch, snacking by the computer, tooling around on my bicicleta, and making my wee nephew giggle. Free-flowing conversation with quality people makes my day. Discovering new music (The Republic Tigers, The Avett Brothers, Fleet Foxes...) makes the world a better place.

What has been your most memorable moment selling your art?
A lovely woman in Australia found me online and wanted me to construct a necklace with beads that came from a necklace that had been her grandmother's. Her kind words about my art and her trust in my ability to work with her beloved beads struck me as something special.

Any advice for fellow artists...
Always remember to nurture the child within you. Don't worry about "shoulds" Buy the basics for your art or craft at the best possible prices, but be willing to splurge on something special or out of the ordinary. Never force things. Get inspired by all the other innovative ideas to be found on and Try to stay organized; creating out of cluttered chaos hampers flow.

Fun question: If you could travel anywhere, where would it be and why?
While I would love to be able to see a number of places all over this beautiful, eclectic world, if I was to travel somewhere right now I would go to Eureka, California to visit my dear friend whom I miss a great deal.

Anything else you'd like to add about yourself or your work...
Outside of a couple summer metal smithing classes, I'm self-taught in my craft. I strongly
believe that continuing to create my jewelry is a ways for my imagination to grow and stay fresh. Whatever direction it takes me is one I am happy to explore.


(¯`'•.¸(¯`'•.¸(¯`'•.¸ * ◦ *¸.•'´¯)¸.•'´¯)¸.•'´¯)

Enter this week's give-a-way!

Elisabeth is giving away one of her prettiest pretties...The beautiful Lou Lou necklace in vintage brass!

The surface of this piece has been given a light brushing, enough for added character, but not so much as to ruin the fine detailing. The chain is a delicate brass peanut chain with a high quality gold filled trigger clasp.

How to enter:
Peek into the ElisabethSpace shoppe and peruse her fine lovelies. Then, comment here on your most favourite piece.

Most Important Details:
If your favourite piece is not part of your comment and/or some sort of viable contact information is not included, your entry will be disqualified. Winner has 3 days to contact me with their address. Give-a-way is shipped out via the artist. The winner's name will be drawn from a hat...the good ole' fashioned way to do things. One entry per person. All entries must be received by noon Sunday, May 25th, 2008, PST. This contest is open to everyone.

Best of luck to you, my Pretties!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Go Get Your Own...

Have you created your Entourage yet?

I have...hee hee

You can go onto Gwen Stefani's page for HP and make your
own Harajuku-inspired paper dolls, greeting cards, birth announcements, baby shower invites {must be 'cuz she's pregnant again}, cd labels and more!

It's great fun...especially the paper dolls! Of course, I named my cuties as well. :)

Raven's Entourage...

Friday, May 16, 2008

America's Next Top Model...Blonde Bombshell

After a marathon watch of America's Next Top Model 2008 last weekend when I wasn't feeling well, I saw every episode except the last for this past cycle....and desperately tried very hard to not have the ending spoiled by yesterday's media. I succeeded until last night at 11.59pm when I checked my email only to find the winner announced in the subject headline of someone's email.
Grrr...Well, I guess I can talk about it now too.

◦ ○◦○ ◦

The Finalists, just in case you haven't watched this cycle:

Born in Russia and now residing in Hawai'i, Anya went from sultry brunette to blonde nymph during the competition.

A plus-sized { that's a size 10 in the modeling world } student from Atlantic Beach, FL who went from brunette to Anna Nicole-blonde during her ANTM makeover.
FATIMA SIAD, 22 { and my pick even if her walk and attitude needed an adjustment...}
Originally from Somalia and a survivor of female genital mutilation at age 7, this Iman look-a-like now resides in Boston, MA.

And,...the Winner is:


Even though she was never on top in the competition, her work was always steady and beautiful ...and her runway walk almost perfect.
On top of that, she's the first full-figured model to win the competition, which is a far cry from the toothpicks who have been banned from the runways recently.

Could this win possibly usher in a new era of blonde full-figured bombshells like we saw in the late 80's? We can only wait and see...

"People always say you have to be stick-skinny, emaciated and unhealthy and I've kind of stood up for [being full-figured] my whole life,...'I am a plus-size model and I am beautiful.'"

As the winner of "Top Model," Whitney, will have a fashion spread in Seventeen and an Elite modeling contract.