Friday, June 20, 2008

Freaky Friday... What WERE They Thinking?

Due to the abundant amount of HOT MESS material around I've had on file, I've decided this week to not focus on only one Hot Mess, but rather bring you a plethora of Things to Ponder when it comes to the world of "Celebrity Fashion".
  • Do they THINK they can get away with wearing just anything because of who they are?
  • Do they seriously think that they have style and turn a deaf ear to their stylist's suggestions?
  • Do they BLINDLY follow the fashion advice of the stylists?
  • or...
  • Are they just crazy and don't care?
The following makes us wonder...

{ Padma Lakshmi, Pink and Kelly Preston }
Padma always seems to look a bit unkempt & greasy to me, so this disheveled satin-y dress & her perpetually messy hair does nothing to help her.
Pink tries so hard these days, but fails miserably...These days, this look only works for a stripper or a prostitute, sorry!
Kelly Preston looks like she wrapped her jersey sheets around herself...and those dark tights and shoes??!??!

{ Britney Spears }
I honestly had such high hopes for Britney way back in the day, but she has just been steadily going downhill...and I feel bad for her, really. This is just a sample...the Uggs, the cigarrettes in hand, the disheveled satin outfit. She looks like 50 year old white trash...and I grew up in small town middle America, so I KNOW it when I see it.

{ Amy Winehouse }
What can we say that hasn't already been said? At this point, she's like a train wreck. You feel bad, but you just can't take your eyes away. On a brighter note, I saw a photo of her recently where she didn't have all that mess going on and she actually looked pretty good.

And, special mention goes to...

{ Courtney Love & Pal }
One has to wonder WHAT goes thru Courtney's head on a daily basis. Whatever,...I'm just happy that her daughter Frances Bean seems like she might just turn out OK.... I said "might".


Tizzalicious said...

What were they thinking, indeed!

Petra said...

You know, I always thought that Padma was a mess. Britney, Amy and Courtney Love are a given, but no one talks about how messy Padma is. Why is that?

fated follies studio said...

yes, seriously, does anybody know?

windycindy said...

I don't think we want to know what they were thinking if they were thinking at all.....Cindi

- Marybeth I. said...

Thanks for the link to the pic of Frances Bean - she is gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe Noel has such bad taste in women. Courtney is a horrible woman.

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