Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Aliens Have Landed...

In a dire attempt to garner attention, Chinese fashion designer Jiang Zhou draws inspiration from a recent series of UFO encounters in the country during the Hempel Award 17th International Young Fashion Designer contest.

Has 'fashion' gone too over the top for you?

photos... Guang Niu/Getty Images


BrigaBauble said... I think that the designer behind this fascinating, buglike garments would probably be an incredibly successful costume designer. Then again, I must confess to never really understanding the runway fashion scene.

Petra said...

This isn't fashion most would wear, but I can see great details that make me want to see what else this designer can do. Maybe this is what Lady Gaga will be wearing next.

fly18grl21 said...

Interesting. I don't see this being designed for Ready-to-Wear!