Friday, March 6, 2009

What's UP with...?

Here are more of our favourite celebs with looks that make us ask "What's up with...?"

Paris Hilton
What's up with...someone actually entrusting her with their child?
photo IONU/x17 Online

...and then later caught sucking face with her new "boyfriend".photo Lockhart/Visschedyk / PacificCoastNews

Jessica Alba & Cash Warren
What's up with...their frumpy wardrobes pulled from the bins at GoodWill? Are her movies doing so badly they can't afford both a nanny AND a stylist?
photo Jordan Strauss/Getty Images

Mickey Rourke
What's up with...US thinking he was an idiot for wearing sunglasses at night? He was doing us a favour as they take the focus off of everything else gone wrong, including his missing tooth. ;) Please put them back on, Mickey!

Juliette Lewis
What's up with...her new look? She's never been one for current fashion, but this is just hideous!
photo Josephine Santos / PacificCoastNews

Kelly Clarkson
What's up with...her lack of personal care lately? Did she fire her stylist?

Katy Perry
What's up with...her smiley face shoulders? We can't decide if we love them or hate them!
photo Sakura/WENN

Lady Gaga
What's up with...her for-going pants at all costs?
photo: KCSPresse/Splash News Online

Lindsay Lohan
What's up with...her on those "down" days...Yikes!
photo Flynet

Sarah Jessica Parker
What's up with...going from 'high style' to 'don't care' overnight? And to think that some call her one of the most stylish. Goes to show you that an acting role is just that.

Disclaimer to all the nutjobs who don't "get it"...This post is meant to be in fun. Please don't take any of the comments personally. Anyone who leaves their home in a bad outfit is subject to someone somewhere poking a little fashion faux pas finger at them.
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Petra said...

Even thinking about Paris with a child is scary! She acts like such an attention whore child herself.

Jessica Alba is over and yes, she looks dumpy in this. At first, I thought they must have been at an 80's dressup party, but no!

Lindsay is SCARY without makeup - or whatever is going on there. Wow!
Same with Mickey Rourke.

Shimmermeblue said...

I would NEVER let Paris hold any child near me, the ditz might just wear off lol.
And Jessica looks like crap now. She used to be so beautiful.. all the time!

red. said...

I am willing to forgive any fashion mistakes Mickey Rourke makes so long as he keeps carrying a small dog around with him.

Bee and Rose said...

Jessica and Cash are straight up 80's and not in a good way!

I am so sad for SJP...what the heck happened to her????

Deb DiSalvo said...

Oh, Sara Jessica! So sad - I LOVE her!!!! Paris is seriously a waste of space and Mickey is scaring me!

Raven - where do you get these fabulous pics? I don't have to buy PEOPLE magazine anymore - I'll just keep on popping over to your blog!


OliveStreetStudio said...

Oh some of those don't are BAD- katy Perry? hideous. BUT living in NYC, SLP looks fine for a city stroll. I like that she's just a 'regular gal' in jeans and hat/scarf bundled up bc it is COLD in these here hills!

Stephanie said...

I would never entrust anything to Paris Hilton let alone a child.

Hot Rocks said...

Once again, girl... you have given me my giggle of the day!! Those smiley faces are too funny!