Friday, March 13, 2009

What's UP with...?

Here are more of our favourite celebs with looks that make us ask "What's up with...?"

Britney Spears
What's up with...Britney's lame costumes and "wardrobe malfunction" during her current "Circus" concert tour?
During her performance in T
ampa, FL this week, she barely moved during her song "I'm a Slave for You" and then, when the song ended, there is footage of her saying "My p*ssy is hanging out". One would think that a seasoned performer would have done several rehearsals in the outfit before she performed LIVE.

photo...Jeremy Cowart/WireImage

Check out this clip {below} of a very rigid Britney performing and listen towards the end when she 'forgets' that her microphone is still on.

What's up with...her new dark hair? We like it, but think it makes her look much older.

Lindsay Lohan
What's up with...her launching a line of self-tanning products when she can't seem to get it right on herself? The self-tanning line is named "Sevin Nyne" after her favourite numbers...and the photos accompanying the product's ad campaign are as bad as her spelling. {below}
photo...Sevin Nyne

Angelina Jolie
What's up with...her look for the upcoming film "Salt"? We understand that the hair is for a role, but the lines showing on her face make her look waaaaay over her supposed age of 33 years.

Michael Jackson
What's up with...the King of, Pop suddenly coming out of hiding to announce his "This is It" final tour? We don't understand why ANYONE would willingly give this guy their hard-earned money.

Nicole Richie
What's up with...the hippie look she is still wearing? We hate it and want it to go away.
photo...Marcos Vasquez/Ramey

What's up with...her dressing up like a school girl to celebrate Purim at the Kabbalah Center? With the costumes she's donned throughout her career, she could have done much better than this!
photo...Edward Opinaldo/Pacific Coast News

Courtney Love
What's up with...this hot mess? ...Really, what goes through her mind?
photo...Splash News Online


Diamondaj said...

Your title says it all : )

Bunny B said...

Hey gorgeous! :)
I also wonder what goes on in Courtney Love's mind.
And that pic of Li-Lo.. HORRENDOUS!!!

OliveStreetStudio said...

Lohan- what is wrong with her lips??
Madonna- aren't you 50 YO now??
Fergie- LIKE the dark hair - yay brunettes! :-)

eNVe said...

LOL.. love this post series on your blog! I feel kinda bad for britney.. she just can't seem to get anything right. Looks like lindsay lohan got her mustache waxed, then realized the skin underneath it all was lighter than the rest of her face and she tried to darken it with some oompah loompah make up. :P

Bee and Rose said...

What the heck? Fergie! She looks like Morticia Adams!

Lindsay Lohan is sporting a suntan mustache I see....yuck...

Madonna...there are no words just disgust...

Britney...she's just gross...

Bee and Rose said...

Oh! I posted my award and gave you some monster linky love!

Petra said...

Britney is just a hot mess. Along with Michael Jackson, I don't understand why people would spend money to see her either.

I'm not into the hippie look either and thought it was finally DEAD.

I love Fergie's hair cuz I love brunettes!

Have you ever seen the photos of Lindsay when she had sock tan lines? She was wearing a dress and her fake tan stopped at her ankles!! Her feet were WHITE!! How can we trust someone like this to sell us tanning products? And look at those hideous fake lips on her!

Hot Rocks said...

I am NOT a Britney fan, and that comment on her video is just too funny! LOL!!!

Tumbleweed Trails said...

Yes, what's up with...


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