Friday, March 20, 2009

What's UP with...?

Here are more of our favourite celebs with looks that make us ask "What's up with...?"

Lisa Rinna
What's up with...her running around Los Angeles desperately trying to campaign for her role on "Melrose Place"? What a mess...Oh, what's that we hear?? Uhhh, right...SILENCE.
photo...Michael Buckner/Getty {right}

photo...Dr. Billy Ingram/WireImage

Kim Kardashian
What's up with...her hideous hippie retro outfit? With all the money she has, you'd think her stylist would never have the day off. Kim obviously needs the help. We can't stand the jeans tucked into her pants OR the headband.

Lily Allen
What's up with...her wearing the biggest, most whitest sneakers she could find with this outfit? Is she preparing for a sprint to the ladie's room once she's filled up on all that alcohol?

Tyra Banks
What's up with...her even thinking about walking out of the house looking like THIS when she has the nerve to judge model hopefuls and tell them they should always look their model best? Miss J would not approve of this hot mess, I'm sure.
photo...Pare/X17 Online

Tori Spelling
What's up with...her going out with her hair undone, wearing a 'dressing gown' that looks like she literally just rolled out of bed?

Helena Christensen
What's up with...her outfit that looks like she bought it from Rainbow Shops? The trendy dress details are contrived and overly done ...and to top it off, she paired this mess with a white handbag.

Disclaimer to all the nutjobs who don't "get it"...This post is meant to be in fun. Please don't take any of the comments personally. Anyone who leaves their home in a bad outfit is subject to someone somewhere poking a little fashion faux pas finger at them.
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OliveStreetStudio said...

I think Lisa is a bit of a whack-job. Can she have any more plastic surgery to her face?? :-0

BTW- got the giveaway earrings yesterday - lovely! Thanks for organizing.

elsiee said...

"sigh"... lisa, lisa, lisa...
tyra, tyra, tyra... "sigh"

Christy DeKoning said...

Man oh man, I feel SO much better now about the way I looked this morning on my little walk. At least I wasn't wearing white runners with my black pantsuit. Egh.

And Tyra - tsk tsk tsk.

(followed you here from Deb's Artistic Flair blog btw)

Petra said...

Yet again you have given us some tragic cases. You're right, Kim has no excuse for looking like that.
I love the SILENCE on the Lisa Rinna bit. How pathetic can one be? I didn't think that Lily Allen was that much of a wreck, but lately I've been hearing the worst things about her.
Oh, the life of a "celebrity".

Ashley said...

It's okay, Kim will have it all lined up after this week. Carson Kressley said on his facebook status that he was going to work with her this week :)

Lori Anderson Designs said...

Oh that's hilarious! And Tyra looks like she could seriously whoop my butt.

Nick said...

What happened to Heleana Christiansen. SHe used to be hot!

eNVe said...

wow, lisa rina needs a better agent!

janil said...

Is this Tyra Banks???????????Really??????????????I can't believe it!!!

Little Miss B said...

Lilly = yikes, nasty look!