Saturday, September 26, 2009

Life Lessons...Always Buy Two

"...Finding a comfortable pair of jeans that still manages to make your ass look like it's fighting to get out." - Allison Glock

 Always Buy Two

by Allison Glock

There are people who trip into bliss, gentle, smiling souls who coast on a never-ending sea of frothy optimism and the immovable belief that tomorrow will bring even more blessings than today.  I am not one of those people.  I trust that life for most of the planet is a cruel, unrelenting struggle brightened only momentarily by flashes of serendipity and luck.  A baby's smile.  A punctual flight.  Finding a comfortable pair of jeans that still manages to make your ass look like it's fighting to get out.  Such gifts are as rare as comets. Which is why, when you stumble onto something perfect, something that really - no debating, no shrugging - works, you should always buy two.

I learned this lesson early from my mother, who, being a Southern lady, wore stockings to work.  She also wore diamonds, and diamonds tend to shred nylons like so much pulled pork - a cause for panic unless you happen to have another pair stashed in your bureau drawer, which my mother inevitably did because she always bought two.  Of course, she could have removed her diamonds prior to pulling on her stockings, but because she'd bought two, she didn't have to.  And really - who removes diamonds when it isn't strictly necessary?

During an average day, most women drown in compromise.  Good enough.  It'll do. They look okay.  That's fine. At least he's employed.  Sure. I don't mind.  Whatever.  No, really.

When indisputable flawlessness enters our worn little worlds, it is cause for celebration.  And for stocking up.  I'm nt talking about SUVs or face-lifts here, but basics.  Staples. The white T-shirt that compassionately floats over your stomach.  The boots that don't suffocate your calves.  Lip gloss that gives you the pout of a teenager without sticking to your hair.  Toilet paper that doesn't shred or leave dust on your bathroom floor.  

Two offer symmetry and security.  With two you never ever run out.  With two you can break one.  With two you can breathe easy.  Three many seem even safer, but it borders on overkill and eats up valuable storage space.  Unless you're Oprah, who I've heard, buys 10 because she can.  Start with two.

repost from American Elle: "The Most Important Thing I've Learned"
Image: Robin Bardot skinny jeans

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Splendid Little Stars said...

Oh there are times when I wish I bought two! And then there was the time I did, and wished I'd bought (gasp!) three!

FaerySarah said...

so many times i had wish I'd bought two.. or if they have one of those 'buy 2 for $100' - i do - get them in two different colours and one is always my favourite and gets picked over the other one ALWAYS.. this also goes with shoes...

konstantine said...

so so true!

elsiee said...

I am a BIG believer in the "buy two" philosophy... BIG....