Friday, October 10, 2008

Freaky Friday: Then and Now...

As you know, I'm not a fan of any sort of plastic surgery or injectibles, so thankfully, at 38, I'm still fortunate to look about 10 years younger than I am.

However, I AM fascinated by those who go under the knife and morph into someone else, be it for the better or worse. Here, Before and After shots of some celebrities {and B-Listers} who have undergone a procedure or two.

{ { Megan Fox } }
I think Megan Fox is gorgeous, but I'm not fond of her saline implants that look like boulders.

{ { Scarlett Johansson } }
A new slimline nose and cheek implants did a lot for her Hollywood look.

{ { Jennifer Garner } }
Even those we think are naturally beautiful, undergo a lip injection or procedure.

{ { Charlie Sheen } }
Too bad they don't offer personality transplants...

{ { Carrot Top } }
ick... and we didn't think it could get any worse.

{ { Tori Spelling } }
One of the queens of plastic surgery...2006 was her best "face", but her boobs have always been a disaster...

{ { Kate Beckinsale } }
Boobs, then no boobs...

{ { Anna Faris } }
You can't become a "Bunny" without a major overhaul.


James ~n~ Amber said...

Wow...Tori's poor boobs....Well I wondered your age....Not what I expected so you have aged very well. I just turned 31 in August and I get pegged for about 21-23 most of the time. So, I'm not complaining !

Pretty Fun said...

I have had so much fun catching up on your blog! Those muzzler ads are cuh-razy and personally, I think Anna Faris looked cuter in her before picture.
And how awesome and exctiting that I am the winner of your giveaway!!! My husband's computer has been acting up so we have to share mine which means my internet use has been limited. He is at work today so I plan to spend tons of time catching up on blogs and Etsy shopping until my eyeballs melt. Here is my email address and then I can email my home address
How exciting and thank you!!!!!!

Bunny B said...

I love these before and after shots! So much fun! :) *glee*

Scarlet said...
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Scarlet said...

much more here

MirabellaLove said...

I don't understand why they don't leave themselves alone.

I love your blog! What a great find of a super mix of varied topix. Love it!

Petra said...

Ohhhhh, Tori's poor poor boobies!
You'd think with all that money she'd look spectacular.
Instead, she's more so vying for the Queen of Botched Plastic Surgery just like Tara Reid.