Thursday, November 6, 2008


What a wunderful Art Show we had this past weekend

Now that I'm a bit less stressed about getting things ready for the show & I'm actually sleeping again, I can continue to blog on goodies, fashion and gossip.

"Captive" {right} is just one of my four new paintings SOLD at my show.


by Patricia Lucas
Acrylics, Paper & Ink on Panel

Prints are available for sale. Lots of new goodies, including new soy candle scents, travel sized soy candles, a new line of greeting cards, new magnet sets and new art to show off, most of which will be available on Etsy soon! Most of my magnet sets sell out at the shows, but this time, I tripled the quantity of my limited edition prints, so now you will be able to buy them online as well.

If you saw something at the show that you haven't yet seen posted in my shoppe, please convo me HERE. ...and THANK YOU to all of you who came out to show your support. It really means a lot.


Trin said...

Oh wow, that's a great painting. No wonder it sold!

Joelle said...

anyways.... HEY doll face! how've you been?! its been so long, thought I would come & check you two lovers out & see whats been going on.
Great work of course. Love this painting.
get inspired!!!
(do something totally unexpected... YOU have to! its in your imagination!)
Ciao ~
Joelle XO

" said...

Congrats on your successful show!

It is a lot of hard work, but so wonderful when it pays off...

I am really loving your blog!


Petra said...

WOW, wow, wow! This is stunning! I was wondering what you've been up to.

I'm going to email you. I can't wait to see more!


CathyH said...

Hi! "Captive" is one of my favorites. You are so talented! Totally understand the pressure to get ready for an exhibit. My art "fell from the sky". Only started 2 yrs ago,posted some pics on the web to show friends and galleries contacted me for shows. whew! Had to learn a lot quickly, many late nights too!Such a cool thing when someone buys it, hangs it in their home.