Friday, July 4, 2008

Freaky Friday... Is it Just Me??

Recently I've been noticing Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy...

{ Pre-Pregnancy... }
But not for his cute face or laidback style...I've been fixated on the size of his head.

I first noticed how large his head was when I saw him on an Mtv promo spot recently. I was just fixated on the size of his head.

I thought "Awww, he's gaining some sympathy weight due to his wife, Ashlee's pregnancy." [that's Ashlee Simpson {Jessica's sister} incase you didn't know].

BUT! after seeing some recent pix of him, I'm not sure if his entire body is getting bigger or if it's
just his head. What do you think?

{ During Pregnancy... }


ThisOldHenHouse said...

Hahaha! He does have a big head! I've always thought that! - Something about him as always seemed a little off to me... I think its the way he straightens his hair... I'm not sure, I cant put my finger on it. lol

Petra said...

God, you're coming up with the good ones lately. Have you been saving them up since you've been away?

I thought I was seeing things, but I've noticed Pete's head too. He's just so skinny with a big head like a lollipop. They say John Mayer (his supposed crush) has a big head too. Have you noticed that?

gardencris27 said...

Hee Hee!

Patrizia said...

I can't look away now!

Connie said...

This is too looks like they cut his face out and place it on different bodies...and it just doesn't match up so well. I have a friend who takes photos somewhat similair. Except he always looks incredibly flat--like a cardboard cut out!!

Your blog is a lot of fun. I love how you spotlight different artists! Excellent.

Peace & Love.

PS You are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

he is honestly one of the most unattractive men i've ever seen. the hair doesn't help any.