Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dirty Pretty Things: One to Watch...

Don't let Sienna Miller near your man if you want to keep your family together!

Miss Sienna really gets around...She's ruined the marriage of Jude Law and Sadie Frost {kids involved}, broken apart Sean "Puff Daddy" Combs and Kim Porter {right after the birth of their twins!}, rumored to have been the cause of Sean Penn and Robin Wright-Penn's break up {more kids}...and now Balthazar Getty and his wife Rosetta, of which I'm sure you've already just heard about.

But, in case you don't follow celeb gossip, let us clue you in: Sienna was caught with MARRIED
Brothers & Sisters star Balthazar Getty in Italy last Friday. There are photos of her topless on a boat with him, kissing and snugging him, photos of them on the balcony outside of their hotel room, etc...
That's all bad enough, but now she is suing over the photos stating that they were private moments. PLEASE!!

Balthazar has reportedly shamed his family --and his wife, Rosetta has since fled with their children, utterly embarrassed. They say that Getty and his wife were on the outs anyway, even though they have 4 children together. Uh huh...mabie.
...but, it sure seems like Little Miss Sienna is allllways right there ready to go...or is it that she is the one causing the problems?

One cheater deserves another, we say and at least Sienna gets it in return: her ex, Jude Law, famously cheated on HER with his children's nanny. Oh surprise!

Sienna says,

"My life is privileged,...And it's exactly where I'm supposed to be. I make decisions. I take responsibility for them."

Ummm, Sienna...have you EVER heard of KARMA?? It may be coming for you, hunny.

And, by the looks of her past record, she's not done yet...So, we are officially proclaiming her "One to Watch" in "Don't let this one near your man unless you want to get rid of him!" ...and, if that's actually the case, I'm sure she wouldn't want your man then because there would be no scandal involved.


Petra said...

Zero tolerance for cheaters over here! They should BOTH be shot and both deserve whatever is coming to them as I fully believe in karma.

If she'd concentrate even half as much on her career as she does on other people's men, she MIGHT actually become good at her job. Note that I said "might".

Well, at least we now know how she got to be so "privileged".


Petra said...

PS - I forgot to mention that I love how you put the skull and crossbones over her ta-ta's. You did that,right?

I love it!

Natasha Designs said...

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Catherine said...

Ugh. I think this is called some serious low self-esteem. Gotta take another woman's man to make yourself feel valued and have to cheat on your wife (and mess up your kids) to feel like a man.

I feel sorry for his wife - what a way to find out you're married to a loser!

Anonymous said...

It annoys me that he probably would have continued to carry on as he was if it weren't for the paparazzi putting it out there. Once a cheater, always a cheater. She need not take him back.

Anonymous said...

oh Sienna...she's young, rich and single. A loaded weapon when it comes to married men. I fault her for choosing married men over all of the single celebrities out there. She just wants what she cannot have. I think she is just having fun..but looking in the wrong directions.

Liz said...

That's disgusting.
It's like people think if they are a celebrity morals and standards are completely unnecessary.
She can't possibly be happy bouncing around from man to man.
Anyone who has been in a fulfilling long-term relationship knows that sometimes the most satisfying relationships are the ones that move past "the chase," and into the area of comfort and familiarity.
More growth and exploration become possible, two things Miss Sienna seems to have no interest in.
Perhaps, her karma is being the fling and never the loved.

(sorry, long rant)