Friday, July 25, 2008

Freaky Friday... Time for a Swim

Summer's not over yet! There's still time to enjoy the sun! Learn from the mistakes of others and get thee to the beach!
{Katherine Heigl, left}

These celebs need to check the mirror twice before going out into the sun...and the eye of the paparazzi!

{ Too Much or Not Enough... }
Kim Kardashian draws attention to her excessive curves, Jennifer Love-Hewitt is top heavy & ready to pop, Claire Danes as Olive Oyl

{ Hot Mess Brigade... }Pink doesn't have a clue, Britney Spears using her bra & undies as swim wear, Britney looking trashy yet again

{ Hot Mess Freakshow... }
Tara Reid partied too hard and had too much plastic surgery. Did it ever catch up with her...ICK!

As you've witnessed, even celebrities don't always look so great in their swim wear...and even Eva Longoria has a stomach. She isn't as little as she always appears {right}.

Remember to pick a suit that actually fits you and suits your body type. Slip into one of the sweet retro treats below as each hides a plethora of flaws.

{ Sweet Retro Style... }

Top Row, Left to Right:

Bottom Row, Left to Right:


Bunny B said...

Ooo.... lovely, sexy picks, Raven!! :)
I love the ones by Juicy and Lux! *drool*

Petra said...

Oh, Eva does have a bit of a ponch, doesn't she? -smiles- And I don't even know what to say about Tara Reid or Brittney. -rolls eyes-.

But, I do LOVE the retro picks. I'm again going shopping becuz of you. Lux rocks them all!

PS- I'm happy to see your early morning post - gives me good stuff to read when I get up! Keep them coming!

Treasures by Tina said...

Wonderful article. Some of those photos were really scary! :o

bamabelle said...

What is UP with CLaire Danes? She used to have such a pretty, healthy figure!
The retro suits are fab.

Jennifer said...

Your blog is so much fun! Nice :-)

Catherine said...

Love the Juicy halter suit! That little ruffle is too sweet.

Tizzalicious said...

Tara Reid really creeps me out!

I love those swimsuits!

weeblet said...

tara reid is a waste of space :P

Anonymous said...

Those retro style suits are so adorable and flattering.

I actually feel sorry for the celebrities having to be under scrutiny all the time. That being said...they need to use some common sense when they choose their bathing suit styles.

Huguette said...

Enjoyed this, they don't always look so good do they ?

Anonymous said...

Most of the celebrities look like normal people in swimsuits except Claire Daines and poor Tara Reid.
Tara shows us all what her horror experience with Liposuction did to her. She talks about it regularly also. So..she knows she is a bit altered and messed up.
Kim Kardashian looks amazing as a fuller figured lady. Better than most smaller women in a bikini. I think it's funny that I look better in a bikini than Eva Longoria..she's sportin' some saddle bags and a belly for being such a tiny woman. I only say this because everyone oooo's and ahh's over her.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Sure, it's fun demythologizing our celebrity gods and goddesses, but I think you're being too critical here.

Britney and Jennifer look fine. Pink has a lovely figure. Eva looks edible even with her "paunch." And, like most guys, I don't find Kim's curves "excessive" at all. (Even though you've chosen the least flattering photo from the set which shows her in that bathing suit, you haven't managed to make her look bad.) These are hardly women who need to choose a bathing suit that masks their "flaws."

If folks were a little less critical and could embrace these so-called flaws as DISTINGUISHING FEATURES then women and girls wouldn't feel so pressured into achieving some chimerical ideal.

And yes, Tara Reid looks horrid, while Danes needs to eat a few sandwiches.

Lieslou said...

Obviously that last ANONYMOUS post was written by a MAN! Most women would not say that "Eva looks edible even with her "paunch"."

Almost any and every woman looks to hide her flaws - and we all have them,Even the most perfect, most 'edible' women out there. They are trying to hide things too.

So, Mr. Anonymous, don't chide Raven for being critical when you are yourself critical with your final remarks as follows:
"And yes, Tara Reid looks horrid, while Danes needs to eat a few sandwiches."