Friday, July 18, 2008

Freaky Friday...Constant Companions

Ohh, we're noticing, ...but we're not understanding the silence.

Why doesn't the media use the "L word" when it comes to Lindsay Lohan and her "gal" pal Samantha Ronson? If it were anyone else, we're sure it would be a different story, as the media is usually hot on outing
people. Sooo, what's up with the media tip-toeing around straight-out calling Lindsay a lesbian?

People Magazine Online even has a "Photo Special" entitled:
"Lindsay & Samantha: Attached at the Hip(ster)" so that's saying something. They even care more about Lilo and Sam than they do about Jessica Alba's baby {and yay for that}.

The media calls Lindsay and Sam "BFFs" and "constant companions". They show photos of them going on vacation together, snuggling, grocery shopping, holding hands, and even kissing. They even live together now and Lindsay's taken on Samantha's last name. {Thanks, Fug Girls...we didn't know that one!} but never is the "L word" uttered. Uhhh, we don't know about you, but we personally don't do all of those things with someone unless we're comfy in other ways too.

Previously, Lilo's mum was outraged that people would think her daughter was dating a girl, but now all of a sudden we hear she's saying, "As long as Lindsay's happy..."

So, what gives...WHY the special treatment?


Patrizia said...

(I don't follow celebrity news so I am purely going on instinct and pretty much no knowledge about this)

Now I forgot what I was going to say... HAHA!

Anyway I think it's better like that, maybe the media is getting less nasty and does not want to out someone unless they out themselves?

I don't know!

Kathy Martin Studio said...

Um....that picture up on the right where they are sitting. The candycane looking thing seems to be in an odd place. =)

Raven said...

Funny, Kathy...I didn't notice that.

I think that's supposed to be Samantha's big "straw".

hee hee


oldbagcrafts said...

Cool blog you have, I'm adding you to my blog roll. I like your mix of subjects and thoughts. Vicky x

April Horsman said...

Well if being happy keeps her settled isn't that all that matters?

But as for the tiptoe-ing... seems strange to me too! They never tiptoe~!

BlossomingTree said...

This is news to me. Like Patrizia, I don't follow much celeb news, but yes that does seem odd.

moonmystic said...

And her "secret sister" . . .

Petra said...

I don't follow celeb news either. ;)

Samantha Ronson is such a DUDE--Yuck. You'd think Lindsay would find a nice lip-stick lesbian to be with.

ha ha

Tania Sterl said...

And ok people, look closely at that pic of them kissing,

it is so utterly fake and obviously photoshopped, it's rediculous!

...girls just want to have fun, ya know? and who cares even if they did kiss!

Carolyn D. said...

I guess I just hope that this woman makes her happy and stop drinking and parting. Maybe she just needed this all along. Poor Thing... famous so young cannot be easy!

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