Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Britain's Missing Top Model... FOUND!

In case you missed it...we ran
a post back on July 7th about the latest model reality show on
Britain's BBC entitled "Britain's Missing Top Model".

The show featured eight beautiful women with disabilities {shown above}, competing to prove that they have what it takes to become a mainstream fashion model.

Just like
America's Next Top Model, the girls moved into a London flat together where they ate, slept and breathed the modeling/fashion industry over a three-week period. They also went through a series of challenges and photo shoots to "prove" that they have what it takes to become a model. Then, they were eliminated one by one by a panel of "expert" judges. The prize: a fashion spread in the British Marie-Claire Magazine.

With this training and experience, the show claimed the aspiration for the winner to be a foot in the door of the fashion industry...and Danny Cohen, Controller for the BBC Three was quoted as saying...

"This series aims to challenge the artificial boundaries that seem to exist in the beauty and fashion industries. "It would be great if, in the future, we began to see more disabled models gracing the covers of the world's magazines."

Well, the show ended last night and the results are in...{whether we thought the show itself
was a good idea or not}.

We congratulate Kelly Knox, 23, of
England {shown}. Knox was named the winner last night, and scored a contract with Take 2 Model Management as well as a photo shoot with Marie Claire magazine.

If you remember, most of the comments on my previous post
"A New Low or the Next Top Model" were NOT in favour of this show, with most thinking it was some sort of ploy to gain p
ublicity or a segregation of people with disabilities.

Honestly, the show seemed to be a bit of both. But, only time will tell whether Kelly Knox was just amusement for the moment or really the next big thing in the modeling industry.

No matter what, we wish Kelly the very best.


a girl with an overactive imagination said...

wow, this was the first time I've heard of this. Very cool. Just wanted to say hi as you seem like a cool person.
Greetings from Austria,

Petra said...

I do hope something comes out of it for her (and all the girls) except for the exploitation of the network and 15 minutes of fame for being a novelty.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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