Thursday, June 4, 2009

{Top} Hats Off to You!

I'm back from my fun little time away from You...Miss me much?? :)

I had such a wunderful time as part of my BFF's wedding in Chicago, running a muck with the hubs across the great USA and tearing it up at every turn.
{I'll post some pictures soon!} Of course we ate too much, drank too much and had too much fun...Or not. *wink*

I'm just tired as can be and have 'jet lag' trying to get back into the swing of things...graphic art projects, filling orders, creating new lovelies and more, so I'll be posting sporadically for the next week or so.

I also have some winners to announce for the past two mini print give-a-ways...and those names will be announced very soon! In the meanwhile, the give-a-ways are still going on and you can enter daily to win. Enter Daily HERE

In my recent travels, I came across these cute little teeny weeny mini hats by Chapeau Claudette. Don't you just ADORE them? Super Yum! I must have one...or two...or even ALL of them!!

All hats by Chapeau Claudette at Pixie Market - Priced $36-$64 USD


Lieslou said...

OHHHHH how we missed you! I hope you had a fabulous time and can't wait to see the photos. I'm sure that you looked as gorgeous as ever at the wedding. Suze said that you were the prettiest girl there from the shots you showed her and that you were more a stunner than the bride. Is it wrong to say that?? :-)

I never got to see the finished cake toppers you did. Do you have them posted anywhere?

elsiee said...

you would rock those mini hats my sweet!!

JAN said...

what a fabulous inspiring person you are, arty creative, very beautiful and this goes to to your wonderfully talented handsome partner..your art is wonderfully whimsical and a delight im sure to all who view it
wishing you success in all you do

Petra said...

So adorable and sweet. I agree that I want all of them too!