Thursday, June 18, 2009

New Crop...

Or...What's Old is NEW Again.

In my early 20's, when I first became a fashion designer, I used to meet with stylists who came to look through our new collection for editorial purposes.

So many times, the stylists who were older than me would say "Oh, THIS is back again? I used to wear it when it was hot the first time and WON'T be caught in it now."

Being so young then, I would just laugh at them...and think, "Hell, when I'M older, if this stuff comes back, I'll wear it then too! It's just too cool." This 'stuff' at that time was crop tops, bell sleeves, those super wide knit flared bell bottoms pants and the like...the resurgence of late 60's/early 70's fashion that we donned in the early 90's. Think grunge re-interpreted for the fashion world.
We were so cool.

Fast forward to 2009.

I am now OLDER. {It happens to us all, so don't laugh. This one day will be YOU too.}

Urban Outfitters latest is CROP TOPS. Remember those belly baring tops we all used to wear?
I knew they were making a comeback again, so I was ready for them, mentally.... But, seriously, it looks like they just ripped several pages out of my high school yearbook from the Eighties. And, for some strange reason, even the way the 'models' are posed looks like they very well could be posing for the "Drama Club" "Science Club" or "Most Likely to..." photos in the yearbook.

click to enlarge photos...

I do like the looks that have been re-interpreted a bit... The Silence and Noise Cropped Dolman Tee and the Kimchi Blue Ruffle Half Top, but other than that, thanks, but no thanks. I'll stick to the more fashion forward clothing.

My young fashion mavens, enjoy wearing these old styles that are new again, until it's your turn to be on the 'older' side of things. :)

...all photos courtesy of Urban Outfitters

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Petra said...

Oh boy, Do I know what you mean! I'm having a hard time seeing all the things I wore back in the day making a comeback. It just re-confirms that I'm not the 'young one' anymore. It's a strange transition for sure.