Monday, June 29, 2009

Give-a-way...LUCKY YOU!

Lucky YOU!

Mikiep is giving away what he is calling "The MOTHER of All Give-a-ways" to one very lucky winner...and honestly this IS a big one with a very generous prize worth approximately $150-$200!

"The prize is something so cool that you might want sit down...But, first. close the doors and the windows because you may not want anyone else to hear about this."

* ❤ *

As a prize, illustrator Mikiep is giving away a CUSTOM illustration featuring YOU
as your most favourite super hero in a childhood memory that you treasure most!
Wow, right??
Oh, and if you choose, you can also include yer significant other, mabie one of yer kids, the family pet and pretty much anyone else you'd like to have in it, within reason...

Go to his blog HERE to find out all the details and enter...

Contest ends July 11th and you can enter DAILY, so why are you still here reading?...Go now!
But, come back here when yer done entering and let me know that you did ...and I'll see to it that you get an extra 3 entries in the contest.

Good luck!!


Mikiep said...

Thank you my Sweet :) What super Hero Would you want to to be? I am Thinking you would be ..Super Hot Sweet Sexy Beautiful Talented Loving Sparkly Eye

janet said...

Hey Raven,
I have already tweeted about Mikie's giveaway and featured it in my blog this morning! He is so very talented as an artist and a photographer. You two seem to be a lovely, made for each other couple. I wish you both much good fortune with all your artistic endeavors.
a fellow etsian,
Janet really is a very cool giveaway!

TMCPhoto said...

Hi Raven,

I love this give-a-way, thank you for sharing. I entered just now. I have a blog post about the contest scheduled for this evening, (my current post on my blog is a feature of another artisan and I want to make sure she gets as much exposure as possible, so I'm keeping that up until 6:00PM PST)

Petra said...

What a GREAT give-a-way! I'm gonna have to go check it out. I love Mikie's work!

Hamish Campbell said...

Hi Raven
Thanks for the add to my page.
Blogged about the contest, which is just awesome, unfortunately it wont let me post a comment on his blog. Still will let others know:)
Take care

Hamish Campbell said...

Thanks for the reply. Comment problems, I think its the format, for some reason I can't post when its on the same page (pop-up and separate pages work), of course no idea if changing causes problems for others:)

Robin H. said...

Thanks for the tip Raven! I think I've entered every way possible! ;-)

Your husband is a very talented man! And to have found such a beautiful and talented wife...he's also a lucky man!
The best of luck to both of you!

José said...


Mikiep can stop worrying, because now he can give the prize to someone who really deserves it :-)

Have a nice weekend,