Friday, June 12, 2009

Fresh YART SALE Links Daily...Saturday

Art + Yard Sale = YART
Only TWO days left to take advantage of the sweet deals offered by the Etsy artists showcased so far. You can also search the word "Yart" on Etsy for more sellers who are taking part in the sale. Etsy's 2nd annual Yart Sale ends tomorrow Sunday, June 14th, so get out those credit cards!
Note: Each store is individually owned, so all sales vary per store. Be sure to check out each shop's announcements and/or Yart Sale section
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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for putting me in your blog entry for the YART SALE going on at Esty!!!
You took a lot of time going to everyone's shop, gathing their promotions, editing the photos, and more!!!
You're so dedicated!
Thanks again!:D


Hot Rocks said...

Hi Raven!
I am so appreciative of you taking the time to put my Yart sale info and picture of my Gypsy bracelet on your blog post! As sugarraindrops said, this was a big undertaking that I am sure took up loads of your time! Thank you, Thank you!
Susan :)

Petra said...

Again, YOU, dear Raven are THE SWEETEST girl on the planet for posting everyone's sale specials. I'm sure that you are having fun going through the shops, like I am! :)

BululuStudio said...

Thanks so much RavenX for including me on this post.

I really appreciate it :D

tiffany... said...

thanks for adding my shop in your listing!

Evie's Tool Emporium said...

Thank you for promoting the Yart Sale and all the lovely items!

Lieslou said...

Pretty pretty pretty!

Petra said...

So, was everyone's Yart Sale successful? I know I did my share in keeping people's sales up. I just couldn't help myself and it's all Raven's fault for listing such incredible finds. ha ha