Sunday, June 28, 2009

Michael Jackson is Over Capacity

I wasn't going to post a 'tribute' to Michael Jackson since I
still can't believe that he's actually gone, but this illustration is just too cute, so I decided to just reminisce a little bit.

Have you seen this version of Twitter's "Fail Whale" featuring Michael Jackson?

Michael Jackson is Over Capacity

...and I just came across this. Who remembers when Madonna sampled Michael Jackson's song "Billie Jean" during her 'Like a Virgin' Tour back in 1985? {The "Billie Jean" sample is around 2:36 in the video.}

It all brings back so many memories of being a child growing up in the 70s and 80's. I got to experience the Jackson5 as well as Michael Jackson. I personally feel so fortunate to have grown up in the 80's since it was a decade of such individuality, unlike now.

"Billie Jean" {the MJ version} was the first video that I actually
remember from when Mtv first came on air. ...And who could ever forget when he first did the 'moonwalk'? We were all just in awe!

Obviously, I'm affected that an icon from my childhood has everyone is. I think it's because it's a reality check...reminding us of our own mortality. Michael was a talent who kept us all entertained, whether it was with his talent or his personal drama. It all seems too unreal that his talent is gone. *sniff sniff*
p.s. Mikiep is still convinced that this is part of a what will be the largest publicity stunt ever and that MJ will be with us again in about a week or two.

We doubt it, but we can only hope...



Iris said...

I know how you feel ... it makes me sad that my son will only know MJ as a "legend" that is long gone, kind of like the way we knew Elvis growing up ...

Noemi said...

I appreciate your blog on MJ, as I could not find words to express this loss. Thank you!

Kate8085 said...

Still feeling pretty bummed.
I can only hope that you and the hubs are right!!

Joelle said...

Im right there with ya. I was so influenced by MJ & Madonna. I sooo thought I was going to be the next Madonna... Yea right. Im a mommy to 5 girls. Who would have known? WOW! paths change! one of my daughters wanted to be Micheal. she even dressed up as him for Halloween & it carried on a little too long afterwards. and she's a white girl! haha
Im lucky my girls knew about him then & now.

no matter what.. he has made a impression on all of us. just so sad about the rumors. Rumors. so unsetteling. I Like to know facts : (
anyways lovergirl.... You Rock too!

Petra said...

I was torn when I heard the news too and I can't really deal with it either.

I grew up with his music as well and it's sad to know that an icon from my childhood had left us.

I hope that Mikiep is right, even though at this point, I think he really has left this world.

I'm sad, but your mini-remembrance was sweet and I enjoyed it.

sarta mexicana said...

Lovely tribute! Thank you for the stroll back in MJ history!!

Hot Rocks said...

Very sad about Micheal...certainly a legend and a VERY unusual guy! I also grew up surrounded by his music, right from the Jackson 5 days.Great photos, wish he would have quit the plastic surgery on his face tho!

Bayu Probo said...

Despite his controversial life that some people see it as a weakness, I think he is genius and try hard to change world look better.