Friday, February 15, 2008

True Love

I love love love these sweet True Love prints by Mikiep! I have them framed and on the wall in front of my desk so that I can look at them every day.

They are both artists who handcraft hearts to give to their true loves! Awww....

True Love...

The Little Craftsman by Mikiep
This little boy was born without a Heart.
With Spirit and Passion, he crafted one of wood in his workshop so that someday he would be able to give it to his soul mate.

The Little Seamstress by Mikiep
This little girl was born without a Heart.
With Love and Hope, she crafted one of fabric in her sewing room, so that someday she would be able to give it to her soul mate.


ElegantSnobbery said...

Wow, these are so fabulous! I just can't resist and will have them hanging on my wall as soon as I build up my bare-bones PayPal account again! And I might just have to throw in that adorable Wonder Woman having tea with her teddy print for my daughters. HOW CUTE!!!

What a talented couple you are!!


Purty Girl Designs said...

how much do we love this guy? i mean really. when i went to find art for my kids room this is what I found.. now to decide which one!