Thursday, February 7, 2008

Steampunk Love...

When I was in high school, I was totally into all things goth, punk medieval and Victorian. I still am, but I no longer dress the part or have the Siouxsie Sioux / Robert Smith make up or hair going longer do I have a foot high mohawk, leather combat boots or tons and tons of eyeliner.

Photo Left: Louise Black

I know it's hard to believe that I could have once looked like that, but alas, my Pretties, it is true...and I rocked it like the best of them. I'll have to dig out an old photo or two and show you the dramatic change from then to now.

Anyway, you can imagine my delight over the Steampunk or Neo-Victorianism look, which is the amalgamation of Victorian aesthetic principles with modern sensibilities and technologies.

Steampunk fashion has no set guidelines and is based upon an
individual's personality, but tends to mesh punk, goth and industrial styles as filtered through the Victorian era.

For those of you in need of more details, this look in fashion may include mohawks, piercings, corsets, tattered petticoats, and any other number of pieces from the aforementioned factions or style periods.

Attempting to adopt a Steampunk aesthetic in fashion or home decor isn't hard with the following objects I've picked out from some Etsy members who do it best.

Who does it best?

Here's where you can grab these goodies...

Louise Black -

Jolly Roger Cameo Corset

LesFrivolities -

Ankle Leather Gaitors / Spats

BoudoirQueen -

Crow & Crown Tophat

Exoskeleton Cabaret -

Pipe Dream Photograph

Black Orchid Designs -

Captain Gear Eye Patch

FrockTarts -

Navy & White Striped Jabot

....and, here I am [how I look now] with my latest nod to Neo-Victorianism, Baroque and Steampunk:
My sweet
wallpaper necklace is improved and back in my shop, so go check it out!



Marilyn said...

Ok so I totally learned something new today. I knew the look, but I never knew the term "Steampunk". Wow! If you can dig up a photo of yourself, I'd like to see it. :)

And your necklace is very pretty!

gardencris27 said...

I second what Marilyn just said. I had never heard of it either, but you have peaked my interest. Love the necklace. So pretty.

Victoria said...

Love the whole "Steampunk look" and love your blog! :)

Simply Wired Custom Jewelry said...

Great post! I'm lovin' Steampunk. I discovered it a while back whenever there was an article in The Storque...and started hearting items immediately! I'm diggin' your necklace, too.

Maide said...

Hello from the steampunk
look and create spats since 10 Years
with antique victorian and modern materials.
Your blog is great !!!
Lovely regards