Friday, April 3, 2009

What Were They Thinking?

Paris Hilton
Paris made many failed attempts this week as a Lady GaGa wanna-be, but she just looked ridiculous.

photos...Ramey {left} & Pacific Coast News {below}

photo...Edward Opinaldo/Pacific Coast News

Paula Abdul has to wonder if she over-accessorised this outfit on purpose in an attempt to look trendy and super cool to the kids -OR- Is she really just as crazy as everyone says?

Nicole Ritchie
There's just something a little bit odd about wrapping a scarf around your neck so many times that you have no neck at Williamson / WireImage

Mariah Carey

Yikes! We thought she was scary BEFORE with make up and straightened hair...but now we're terrified after seeing these awful pics of what she looks like au naturelle.
photos...Ross / INF Daily

Christina Milian

Here are pics of how Christina Milian USED to look...sweet and very pretty, right?
click to enlarge pics...

NOW: Unless her career has gone THAT far south and she's now a stripper/porn star, she realllly needs to lay off the tanning and hair bleaching. She's just plain "Donatella Versace" scary. photo...Kaminsky / Splash News

Demi Moore
We think she's officially addicted to Twitter...Here's Demi looking less than her stellar self out and about with her daughters and STILL tweeting her every move.


Mel @ ShimmerMeBlue said...

WOW, It's pretty bad when stars look like complete shit lol

Anonymous said...

Ohh, I love that you added a poll too!
Paris needs to really just find herself. Christina Milan looks so trashy!


Smashgirl said...

Paris,Paris,Paris...I guess any class she had left she threw down the toilet, did she forget she's a Hilton?
Money CAN buy you bad taste, wow!
Love the poll!!!

Stephanie said...

Ok, Paris Hilton looks crazy in that bathing suit?.... and I couldn't believe that Christina Milan. She looks completely different and horrible.

IfiHadaHammer said...

paris in a bondage tape bikini is seriously funny. she looks better then I would, but the it showed poor planning on her part. think of those tan lines.

nominated you for an award. don't know how to give it. sorry.

Anonymous said...

LOL @ paris attempting the GAGA look. she can pull off a lot, but she ain't THAT good.

Pretty Things said...

Paris is just sad. She used to be funny, but now she's just sad. Lady Ga Ga would have rocked that out, but Paris just looked like she secretly KNEW people were laughing.

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