Thursday, April 16, 2009

Brewery Artwalk THIS WEEKEND...April 18th & 19th

Screw Cochella...Come to see us at the at our studio THIS weekend for the Los Angeles Brewery Artwalk!


My show "I will Know When I Get There" features five new paintings, including the one on the left. There will also be more limited edition yummy soy candles, greeting cards, magnet sets and more for you to enjoy!
Oh, and since all of my soy candle scents are all limited edition, many of the scents are on their last run, which means once they sell out, they will no longer be available. So, stop by Artwalk, stock up and save on shipping. Plus, I'll be offering a lot of specials for Artwalk guests only.
*All new work from my show will be for sale in my shop next week, so please check back!

"I Will Know When I Get There" by Patricia Lucas
Acrylic, Ink and Paper on Panel, 2009


"Sixth Street" by Mike Pedersen

Mike's show entitled "6:15" features his new work in fine art photography. It's just amazingly gorgeous {as usual}...and you will LOVE every image.
Of course, he'll have his other fine art pieces from past shows there too...and some Artwalk specials too!

Go here to check out his website:

Address: Our studio is located at 620 Moulton Avenue, Studio #209, Los Angeles 90031
Show days and times: Saturday, April 18th & Sunday, April 19th, 11am - 6pm

We hope to see you at the show!



elsiee said...

We are totally plotting our invasion for Sunday - I can't wait to meet you!!

Petra said...

GORGEOUS GORGEOUS GORGEOUS -- YOU are soooooo talented! She's just beautiful! I can't wait to see all of them. Save some of those yum candles and super funny greeting cards for me too.

slosurfer said...

I so wish I could make it down there for it! I'm going to be down there on the 21st though, will the show still be up?


Marilyn (Pulp Sushi) said...

Good luck with your show! :)

Bee and Rose said...

I would love to be there for that! I love all of your work! That piece is fantastic!!!!!

lolo said...

Wow.... Awesome!! I wish I could be there! Good luck! Your work is gorgeous! :-)

Petra said...

It was ssoooooo great to see you today! Your new work is AMAZING and your stuff was selling like hotcakes. Congrats! I can't even believe how busy your studio was. Thanks for all my goodies!

Deb DiSalvo said...

I was thinking about you this weekend - hope your show went great! Wished I lived closer!

Derya said...

I'm so glad to meet you today at the artwalk, you are very sweet and I loved your work! I will cherish my little prints forever! ;)


Oh Mandie! said...

Yay - from your comments it sounds like your show was a success :)

Now plan a PA invasion sometime soon!