Saturday, April 4, 2009

Brewery Artwalk - April 18th & 19th

The next artwalk is approaching quickly and we are working away to make this our best show so please excuse my not blogging every day until then.

If you'll be in Los Angeles on April 18th & 19th, stop by to
see me and Mikiep in our studio.

I'm finishing up some new paintings {not yet in my shop} and I'll also have my yummy soy candles, greeting cards, magnet sets and more for you to enjoy!

NOTE: As my soy candle scents are all limited editions, many of the scents you know and love are on their last run, which means, once they sell out, they will no longer be available. So, stop by Artwalk and stock up.
I'll also have lots of Artwalk Only shopping specials you won't want to miss!

Mikie is working on new fine art photography pieces of the urban landscape for this new show entitled "6:15". Of course, he'll have his other fine art pieces from past shows there too!

E-mail reminders are being sent out now, so if you didn't receive one or are not yet on our mailing list, be sure to email our reps: Serpentine with your info.

We hope to see you at the show!



Deb DiSalvo said...

Hello Raven! Your show is just around the corner now, huh? Hope you're not stressing too much. I wish I WAS in the LA area - I'd definitely be there - sounds like so much fun. Good luck to you and MikieP - I'm sure you'll both be fabulous and sell lots! Hope all is well.

Deb DiSalvo said...

One more thing - I was looking at the postcard of the event and was like, who's Patricia Lucas? You so look like Raven to me! LOL!

Petra said...

Yes, it's funny that the card says "Patricia". I mean, I KNOW that's yer real name, but I've been calling you RAVEN for soooo many years now. :)

I'll be there for sure and I can't wait to see all of your new stuff and to buy some of your yummy candles too!

Lieslou said...

Me and some friends are gonna try to make it. We're dying to meet you, Raven!

James said...

We'll be there. Can't wait!