Friday, February 20, 2009

"What's up with...?"

Here are more of our favourite celebs with looks that make us ask "What's up with...?"

Mischa Barton
What's up with... Mischa channeling her inner Cortney Love lately...Did she fire her stylist?
photo by Hellmuth Dominguez/

Kanye West & Amber Rose

What's up with... his outfit inspired by television character Steve Urkel?...Will this be part of his collection as a "budding" fashion designer?!? And...
What's up with...
her entire get up? Spandex leggings this tight and in bright red are definitely not a good thing for anyone.
photo by Jose Perez/Splash News

What's up with... him still wearing those tired tinted shades?
photo by Splash News

What's up with... him letting himself go? He looks much older with a beard and unkempt hair.

Debra Messing
What's up with... the tiara? I'm not a fan of them on children, let alone adults. Repeat after me..."I am not a princess."
photo by Jordan Strauss/

Nicollette Sheridan
What's up with... her leaving Desperate Housewives after this season and reportedly dating David Spade?!? Has all that silicone from her fake boobs finally seeped into her brain?
photo by X17 Online

Dolly Parton

What's up with... her everything? We love her, but wish that she would relax on the plastic surgery, heavy make and big hair. She's looking like a drag queen!
photo [left ] by Paul Morigi/

Courtney Love
What's up with... her? Well, she's turned into my favourite hot mess lately. Move over Amy have some heavy competition!
photo [far right] by Gotcha Images/Splash News

Disclaimer to all the nutjobs who don't "get it"...This post is meant to be in fun. Please don't take any of the comments personally. Anyone who leaves their home in a bad outfit is subject to someone somewhere poking a little fashion faux pas finger at them.
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Petra said...

-Oh Mischa has been looking frightful lately.
-I'm so not into the spandex look and I think if most of these people saw photos of themselves wearing it, they'd toss the idea too.
-Bono and Sting used to be so hot!
-Debra Messing is a mess.
-Poor Dolly!
-And, Ms. Sheridan MUST be crazy. Ride the money train until it crashes, Girl!

Lieslou said...

I am not a princess. I am not a princess. I am not a princess. I am not a princess. ha ha

Deborah Messing - Yuk! She is definitely NOT a princess. How absurd that she would don a tiara!

Stephanie said...

God those red leggings are hideous.

Angie said...

Oh, but Dolly is so darling in every way. I think she revels in her over-the-topness, and her sunny spirit just makes me smile for her, whatever her fashion missteps. :-)

Oh Mandie! said...

Mischa Barton dresses like she's homeless - or at the very least does not own a mirror

IfiHadaHammer said...

Wow. that's all I can say.

I'm tagging you. Please feel free to ignore it. It's 22 questions long. My husband was watching revenge of the nerds and that's the only reason I was able to sit through and complete all 22 questions.

MirabellaLove said...

Egads! Mischa has been a mess lately, but Courtney Love is just being herself, unfortunately.

I loved leggings when they came around the first time, but have to agree with Stephanie that these red ones are just hideous!

Deb DiSalvo said...

Oh....I LOVE reading your "what's up with" segments -
red spandex leggings - that one got my vote! Really.....


oona. said...

Courtney Love worries me a lot these days. She's a HOT MESS!!!!