Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Have You Been Wondering if I Still Love you?

"I do...I still love you more than you'll ever know!
I thought that YOU didn't love ME anymore. You never call, You never write..."

Have you been wundering why you've been losing followers and why people haven't been commenting on your blog for the past several days? Me too! I've tried many times to leave comments and the word verify on many blogs isn't working...so I did some research and wanted to share.

Here's what Blogger had to say...

The word verification form is currently failing to load for some users. As a temporary workaround, you can disable word verification from the Settings | Comments tab. We're working on a fix now, and apologize for the inconvenience.

For a list of other issues with blogger right now and how you might be able to work around them until they are fixed, such as losing followers, etc..., go HERE.

Now go and DISABLE your word verification.
I did...so now you can comment again and hopefully win some of the great give-a-ways we have going on this week! Good luck!



OliveStreetStudio said...

Ahhh I did try and leave some comments and wondered why the word stuff wasn't loading.

But, alas, I've LOST 2 followers this week and Idon't know why. I wish I could have some sort of "exit feedback" like "your blog stinks so I'm dropping you - See ya!"

Raven said...

I lost 10 followers yesterday and 1 today, so I had to investigate. Blogger is working on that feature too:

"We are in the process of integrating with Google Friend Connect, which may temporarily affect the Following feature for some users. Specifically, users who already use Following and Friend Connect may notice missing blogs in their profile, as well as a decrease in the number of public Followers on their blogs."

To read more info about their "problems" click on the link on the post. :)


Stephanie said...

So that's what that was? Ugh, I was so annoyed. I would write up a comment only to have to leave it behind to be forever forgotten. I'm glad you did some research.

IfiHadaHammer said...

I thought that was weird! Huh. Thanks for the post and fix!

Bee and Rose said...

It was a crazy day around blogland!