Sunday, April 20, 2008

Pretty Things Big Give: Jared May

Update: The winner of the Jared May print is JEN {LazyCrazyJen}!

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Jared May is a photographer who believes in learning by trial and error. Through his ups and downs, his experience has evolved into the most beautiful and breath taking images. His mother taught him at an early age to embrace his imagination, and that has framed his idea-making in a large way. Therefore, he's always willing to try an odd idea with his camera, even if he's 99% sure it won't work. Lucky for us, because sometimes those ideas actually do work and make for some cool images.

Jared May
What inspires you?
In my work, I try to capture those things that I feel intensely. I like to capture feelings I'll want to revisit later. In a way, it's a diary of sorts for me, reminding me where I've been and who I was. I look for things I find beautiful or magical or just plain interesting. I like to try to develop themes.
As I look back on my work later, I begin to notice that I go through stages, and a lot of my work can be grouped into a few different time periods.

What has been your most memorable moment selling your art?
This one is easy. It would my first sale on Etsy. I had never sold a photograph before, and it was tremendously validating. I went for days with a giant smile on my face telling anyone who would listen, as many times as they would listen, "Hey, did I tell you I sold one of my photographs?" I still get a smile when I think of it. If my involvement with Etsy were to shut down tomorrow, I will have gotten more than I could have asked just from that one experience.

Any advice for fellow artists...
Do what is meaningful to you. Find like-minded people who appreciate and love your work - you can find them by looking for people whose work you love. Pay your bills some other way. Not that I know everything. :)

Etsy Shoppe:

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Enter this Give-a-way!

Jared is giving away a 5 x 7 print of his original image "Good Morning Kansas". This image will definitely inspire you as it envisions peace, hope and the power of solitude.

How to enter: Look in the JaredKS Shoppe and comment here stating your most favourite photograph from all of his eyecandy and let us know why you love it!


windycindy said...

Hello! What beautiful work he does! It was very difficult to pick just one picture! I did choose his "Animus
River" Original Fine Art Photograph!
I like the mountains, stream and trees altogether. Thanks,Cindi

Jen said...

It took me a few times through all the pictures to choose a 'favorite'. I think I like First Light Over Konza Prairie the most (right now). This isn't something I would be likely to see in my foreseeable future, and yet it really struck a chord with me. It's really all lovely work.

lazycrazyjen @gmail . com

Beat Black said...

has to be the Magnolia in his featured 3. It just grabs your attention, Its bright and beautiful. His stuffs always really good


ThisOldHenHouse said...

Oh wow! I dont think I can pick a favorite!!

What an amazing feature!!!

The effects on the Reflecting Rainshower are amazing!
I think that one and On The Road Again are my favorites... I love the tree in that one :-)

Kyla said...

I love Winter reminds me of the first snow fall here in is stunning!

pootieposh said...

Every photograph was stunning! What a wonderful eye you have. My very favorite was Reflected Rainshower because it is so dramatic.

tjmetz said...

Wow, what talent! Good Morning Kansas is actually my favorite out of the looks like a lovely place to dream =) Animas River comes in a very close second for it's breathtaking beauty!


Taleri said...

I really love Reflected Rainshower. I like the colors and the contrast, it makes rain a living thing, shows the aspect of bringing new life and revival to the earth, rather than being a weather element to be endured.

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Absolutely stunning photography!! I could spend all day in his shop! I really can't choose. lol His Taking Flight is really cool, I love birds and am always amazed when they fly in big groups like that, going so fast and never crashing into each other!
Smiles, Karen

Bunny B said...

Ooo.. too many pretty shots!! But this one caught my eye -- Sunset / Dandelion! Lovely.

Jen said...

wow, I can't even decide which is my favorite, but I definitely love the photo featured in this giveaway

matilda sue said...

This picture makes me think of home at winter. I live in the south now and never see such beautiful sights!

woolies said...

"Lone Horse". Kind of made my heart stop. We have two horses. There is nothing like a horse.
Absolutely beautiful photography.

Terri Fisher said...

Wow! What beautiful photography! I loved so much of it, but was really taken with Sunset Dandelion...what a unique shot! Thanks!

tfisher83 AT myexcel DOT com

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the giveaway! Please enter me! Pear Blossoms is my favorite photos, and Jared is so very talented!


Francesca said...

the sunset/dandelion is awesome!!!

very inspiring pics!

f.allievi at gmail dot com

Irma's Rose Cottage said...

All beautiful pictures. I love Good Morning Kansas, it just looks so mystical, waiting for the fairies to come out and play.


Jackie said...

Pear Blossoms is beautiful. When it comes to photography, I'm not usually a flower person, but this one's quite nice. I could see it presented on a wall painted the lightest yellow.

Raven said...

This contest is closed. The number picked via random number generator is 2, so JEN {LazyCrazyJen} is our winner!



Jared in Kansas said...

Thanks for all of your wonderful comments, everyone. Much appreciated. :)