Saturday, April 19, 2008

Pretty Things Big Give: * Burgandy *

Update: The winner of the stunning earrings from Burgandy is AMANDA!


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Inspired by things ranging from the combination of paint colours on an old Victorian house to the beauty of the natural world, Burgandy creates stunning and elegant jewelry to be loved and treasured. Each wearable piece of her art is lovingly made by hand with gemstones that shimmer with brilliance and light.

What inspires you?
I have spent a lot of my time scuba diving and sailing, so the beauty of the sea is probably the most dominant force of influence in my work. My ideas are often largely inspired by my moods. I often just open my treasure trove of beads and just move things around until the colors almost come together themselves. I notice that when I am in a particularly positive mood my pieces emerge with no real rhyme or reason, they are simply colors woven together with no restriction, wild, colorful and fun. My peyote stitch pieces are more rigid and a result of the need to focus on something precise to take my mind off of whatever may be causing me stress…they show my more serious side, which is rarely seen, …therefore these pieces are far and few between.

What has been your most memorable moment selling your art?
This was a hard lesson learned. A woman was interested in one of my favorite pieces that took me hours to make...and the materials were quite expensive. Unfortunately, I had the piece for over a year and it had not yet sold, so I was desperate to sell it. Afraid to lose the sale, I told her I would take $20 if she paid cash, which she did. I still regre
t my haste, because the necklace was actually more than reasonably priced. I should have waited and sold it for full price. I'll never make that mistake again.

Any advice for fellow artists...
My advice is one of the things I struggle with… do not undervalue the time you spend creating something. If something takes 10 hours to make you need to charge for all of that time along with your materials.

Etsy Shoppe:

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Enter this Give-a-way!

Burgandy is graciously giving away a pair of her stunningly gorgeous earrings. The earrings shown are made with faceted red glass beads peeking out of filigree cones with faux brass lever backs.

How to enter:
Take a peek into
Burgandy's shoppe and comment here stating your most favourite item from all of her pretties and why you love it!


windycindy said...

Hello, I love her "Chalcedony briolettes necklace on sterling chain. It is a hand formed pendant.
I love sterling silver jewelry. I like the idea that the pendant is hand formed. The wire wrapping is wonderful! Please enter me in your fabulous drawing. Thanks,Cindi

Anonymous said...

I just went through all the wearable art in her shop and loved everything I saw - I had to buy the pink and brass earrings! Just beautiful, gorgeous, yummy, timeless pieces.

Jen said...

I fell in love with the jade and purple moonstone necklace. It is absolute phenomenal. I can't wait for a paycheck so I can afford such a perfect piece of art for my neck.

lazycrazyjen @

ThisOldHenHouse said...

Oooh, I love the Sterling and chalcedony drop earrings!

They are just so simple and classic and can be worn with everything!!

My kind of jewelry!

Kyla said...

Stunning rose quartz pendant is my favorite in her shop...such a pretty pink.
CHeers Kyla

Valorie said...
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pootieposh said...

I love the Moroccan inspired bracelet. I don't think I could wear it to work...I'd be staring at it all day!!

tjmetz said...

The rose quartz pendant is my favorite, I think, although it was super hard to chose! I love the simple design, yet it is still very elegant!

Valorie said...
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Valorie said...

Burgandy you are so talented lady! I just love the CHA CHA bracelet. It could keep me entertained just looking at all of the charms and trying to put stories/memories behind them. The colors are so vibrant and festive!
Burgandy, I am also fond of the peyote stitch pieces because they represent that rare side of you. Love the crazy wacky Burgonia though.

Bunny B said...

Lovely, pretty items! I absolutely love the The princess necklace and earring set. It's just so gorgeous! Bright colors. Thank you for the chance to win!

Anonymous said...

I love the giveaway. They're so romantic looking. I like the simplicity of the "Sterling and chalcedony drop earrings" they look like dew drops.

Bejeweled said...

so hard to pick just one..... but, I really love these! The brass and czech crystal earrings!!

I love them because of the art deco feel to them :)

Rain's End said...

Oh I love her shop! Its difficult to pick but I do love the CHACHA BRACELET for its variety of color and treasures.


woolies said...

these are stunning. Her work is beautiful!!

Katy said...

i totally love the Chalcedony briolettes necklace on Sterling chain. And why i love is BEAUTIFUL!!! I love how the middle pendent hangs down lower than the other two. I love that it would look great with a casual outfit or a dress outfit!!! :)

Terri Fisher said...

I really like her turquoise earrings. From the photograph it looks like the stones are faceted which is unique in opaque stones. Great work!

tfisher83 AT myexcel DOT com

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the giveaway! Please enter me! The Moroccan inspired bracelet is my favorite, and these earrings are gorgeous as well!


Anonymous said...

I've got a thing for ruby-red so I have to say I love the give away earrings best. You should make the earrings in another color. Emerald green would be nice.

Irma's Rose Cottage said...

Loved all of the jewelry. My fav was the Soul of the Surf. Loved the colors of the sea.


Jackie said...

Definitely the Cha-Cha bracelet... I like the randomness of it and the colors are great too.

Raven said...

This contest is closed.
The winner of the stunning earrings from Burgandy is AMANDA!