Thursday, January 8, 2009

Madonna for Louis Vuitton

Just like old times, Madonna is flaunting it in a new ad campaign for Louis Vuitton...and, of course, causing quite a stir for once again using her crotch to garner public attention.

The campaign shot by Steven Meisel {who also shot Madonna's infamous "Sex" coffee table photo book} takes the very Parisian theme of Marc Jacobs’ hit spring Vuitton collection, with a smoky French bistro setting and sepia-toned images.

“As cliché as they are, I love all these French references,” the designer said, even though the images were shot at the restaurant Figaro here in Los Angeles.

The six-photo series, features the 50-year-old singer as a Marlene Deitrich-ish world-weary vamp {although some are saying 'tramp'} striking what some see as questionable poses.

...Uh, it's Madonna,
people...You surely should be used to her attention-hungry antics by now! And, in today's sex-obsessed world, these shots would get a "G" rating...Ok, mabie PG-13.

The designer admired the singer’s energy and
ability to recline with arched back or put her leg straight up in the air.

“She’s so sure of herself as an icon and as a woman.” Jacobs said. “What fascinates me the most about her is her never-ending energy, and the idea of becoming and changing. She’s an artist who’s unafraid to use her voice.”

The campaign debuts in February and March fashion magazines. The first visuals will spotlight slouchy bags in monogram canvas and monogram-embossed leather, along with ethnic-inspired sandals, bangles and sexy ready-to-wear.

Madonna does smolder in these shots ...and, thanks to modern technology, she also looks like she did 20 years ago.


Lieslou said...

She does have an "fit" body due to her obsession with working out, but she needs collagen. I'm sure a little collagen in that face would make her look a bit younger on her own without the surgery. And cutting out on the exercise a little bit would help too.

I do like these photos though, even if they are air brushed to death.

James said...

I'll always remember when she first started out. I think she was the best then.

OliveStreetStudio said...

Wow- are these great pictures. She doesn't look 50 at all.