Monday, January 12, 2009

Fashion from the 2009 Golden Globe Awards

Here's a look at our faves and faux pas from the 2009 Golden Globe Awards.

The Best...

Megan Fox was truly beautiful in this glittering gold gown with spaghetti straps by Ralph Lauren. And, even though we love Marilyn Monroe, she should have been covered up for a truly glamous look.

Kate Beckinsale looked almost angelic in this amazing form-fitting white mermaid-inspired gown with ruffled bodice by J. Mendel.

Kyra Sedgwick
looked amazing in this scarlett gown with a fishtail train by Oscar de la Renta.

Jane Krakowski went for Old Hollywood glamour in this truly stunning gown by J. Mendel. Our favourite pick of the evening!

Evan Rachel Wood
is truly vamp in this Gothic Lolita gown by Elie Saab. We love it!

Although Eva Logoria-Parker always wears the same type of body-hugging fishtail dresses, she did look amazing in this red hot number by Reem Acra.

Demi Moore looked absolutely stunning in this nude colored dress by Dior.

Hands down the best looking couple at the awards, Seal and Heidi Klum rocked their outfits, with Heidi wearing a vintage James Galanos pouf dress with large red silk flower.

✿ ✿ ✿

The Over-the-Top...

Oh Drew we loved thee dress b
y John Galliano for Dior, but we questioned your bed head hair!

✿ ✿ ✿

The Worst...

Kristin Scott Thomas looked like a hot mess in this unflattering - and majorly wrinkled - taupe sheath by Lanvin.

We found nothing at all pretty about too skinny model Alek Wek in this hideous dress.

And, these looks that might have been better left ON the runway.

It's really hard to tell which version of this dress by Lanvin looks worse. The model looked like a drag queen on the catwalk and Maggie Gyllenhaal looked downright dowdy.

We loved the original hot secretary look with the knee length skirt done so well by Carolina Herrera, but Renee Zellwegger strikes out with her interpretation.

Frieda Pinto looked like a hot mess in her wrinkled Christian Lacroix mustard gown and unkempt hair, but the model on the runway absolutely rocked it out in true Lacroix form.

This Elie Saab gown looked stunning on the runway, but beyond boring on Beyonce who --yet AGAIN-- pours out of a dress that's too small for her. YAWN!


OakMonster said...

Eva: Us shorties have to wear fish tail. It makes us look a lot taller.

Evan Rachel: Gor-geous. So happy she's done with Marilyn Manson and that she glams up the bit of the goth she picked up.

Drew: Agreed. The hair is distracting.

Freda: Looks like a girl who just out of a limo for her prom. Poor thing.

And Megan is beautiful but her self-deprecation about being a doppelganger for Alan Alda and that she's a tranny is a bit much.

Oh Mandie! said...

oooh Evan Rachel Wood was absolutely gorgeous, my pick for my best dressed of the night

As for Beyonce... I don't understand why anyone whould squeeze into a form fitting dress with hips that wide, its NOT flattering, and compared to the runway version the dress design looks all stretched out

FaerySarah said...

maggie never seems to get it right! but i still love her quirkyness. I loved drew and the hair! but thought she looked a bit skinny compared to her usual shapely shape... or is it just the dress? who knows!

MirabellaLove said...

Ohh, I love commenting on the red carpet fashion!

Megan: Been there done that sort of look just like Eva and Beyonce.

Jane Krakowski, Kate and Evan Rachel Wood looked the best. I looooove those dresses!

And what WAS up with the wrinkly dresses? You would think that their stylists -or someone- would have caught that before they left the house!

My pick for best DRESS (not dressed as in total look) of the night is Drew Barrymore. The dress was stunning, but that hair could definitely go.

Chrisy said...

oooh evan rachel's dress is my fav...and oh my renee...get thee to a new stylist!

Lieslou said...

Demi looked great-and even better without Ashton by her side. You don't see her much now that he became part of the "we".

My favorite dress was worn by Jane Krakowski with Kate Beckinsale's dress coming in 2nd.

I didn't get the hype about Angelina Jolie (you didn't even mention her). She looked like she just threw something on and ran her fingers through her hair. Why was she on all the best dressed lists--was the media just kissing up to her?

Patrizia said...

I seem to be the only one who loved Drew's hair!

I also think Beyonce looked hot... but I kind of worship her... so maybe I am biased?

hanne~ said...

jane krakowsk reminds me of sophie dahl, very pretty :)