Tuesday, January 6, 2009

January Focus: AWARENESS


In order to change any facet of our life, we first must become aware. Aware of our frustrations, unhappiness and disappointments. Aware of our desire to be more joyful, at peace and passionate. In order to see our lives "as is" and face the fears that have been stopping us, we must become aware. When we become aware, we can choose to change any area of our life.
When awareness transcends what we already know, we must be willing to think everything we thought was "right" may now be "wrong." With increased awareness, our heart and head are able to work together to bring us to a new fearless state of being. Without awareness, any shift or change would be called an accident, pure chance rather than a conscious choice. When we are aware, we can choose again, and again and again. Without awareness, we are at the whim of our moods. When we are aware, life becomes simple and simply ours.

excerpt by Rhonda Britten, Fearless Year

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Petra said...

Love this new feature...Keep them coming!

I've been meaning to be more aware of myself, my actions, my surroundings and the people I hang out with.