Saturday, November 3, 2007


I spent time last weekend with great friends of mine...Afsaneh and her daughter Layla, whom I've not seen in a while.
Boy, has Layla grown since I last saw her!

....Me and Layla....

I originally met Afsaneh years ago when we were neighbours in a courtyard apartment complex in Los Angeles. At the time, Layla was about 4 years old and called me "Wisha" since she couldn't pronounce my name Patricia.
So cute!
The nickname has stuck with me...and I like that.

For some reason [mabie cuz Layla took them] , all of the shots of Afsaneh and me came out a bit blurry...

We had lunch at a little French Bistro and relived memories, laughing till our insides hurt.

Afsaneh has always been a huge fan of my art and almost never misses a show...and for that, I thank her.

Afsaneh with the vintage bag she purchased from my shop Dirty Pretty Things.

Later, Afsaneh sent me pix of Layla at Halloween dressed as a fairy princess...She wins the prize for best costume for sure!

Love those gold eyelashes, Layla!

See you both soon!



Sandra Evertson said...

What a beautiful little princess!
Sandra Evertson

liliesandether said...

Wow! she's so pretty!! I like the nickname too!

Raven said...
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Anonymous said...

She is a dolly.