Friday, November 9, 2007

Katie Holmes & her Elfin Escort

I can't say that I've ever been a Katie Holmes fan...and never even paid her and her man Tom any mind until they had baby Suri [SUCH a cutie!].

But, I've got to share this photo with you because Katie looks beyond stunning. The light is hitting her just right and she is glowing. I am enchanted and inspired by this picture beyond words for some reason.

Granted, the dress is pulling down a bit at her lack of cleavage [Kudos for being au naturelle!], but most strapless numbers eventually wreak this sort of havoc. The hem on the dress is a bit heavy looking too for my taste, but all in all, she looks divine. I just won't talk about how Tom looks like a little Elfin escort next to her. Oops...I guess I just did. ;)

Beautiful, Katie...Beautiful!



Joelle said...

Yes the way the light is hitting her & the angel... she looks almost angelic yet stylishly sexy. is that a word? "stylishly?) : )
the hem is too heavy... gosh that ruins it. still great dress. Shoes are too clumpy for me. but i guess thats in for some. BUT.... Im so happy she isn't BUSTING out of her dress! YEAAAAA! I LOVE to see girls look great & not have to show their boobs!
Thanks for sharing this pic. LOVE It. I wouldn't wear anymore lifts If I was TOM. I would be PROUD of MY POSH Mama TOWERING ME. ; )

Good Girls Studio said...

She looks like the Good Witch from Wizard of Oz & he's one of her little munchkins ;)...thanks for sharing.

Chickengirl said...

lol poor tom the elfin escort. She looks stunning, have guts to wear those heels with her short man :-P

All Things Bright and Beautiful....Creative Flair Chic said...

youre right - she does look amazing! Good on her for wearing heels & being TALLER than T!