Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Amy is Out, Sienna is In... *titter titter*

Looks like Vogue got wind of Amy's drug problems and nixed her from the September cover as previously announced. Too bad...mabie there's a chance she'll be back again. Good thing they always shoot an extra cover just in case of a dilemma.

Now they've got "It" girl Sienna Miller.
Honestly, I've never quite gotten the fuss over her...could someone please explain it?

I've been hearing comments over the heavy eyebrows shown on the cover though...takes me back to the early 90's.
Even GoFugYourself has mentioned them in their "Fug the Cover: Sienna Miller" Blog
Seems like they don't quite like the cover a t'all.

Oh well...I'm still plugging through the issue, which is SO heavy this time, my mail lady parked her mail van outside the house and brought it to the door personally. haha

Have a great Wednesday, Pretties!

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