Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Time to Play Latina

Latina" {whenever it's convenient for her} Jessica Alba joined Rosario Dawson in Denver for the Democratic National Convention. Rosario's mission is to gather all of her Hollywood Latin and Latina friends in order to encourage other Latinos to vote.

Jennifer Lopez, whom we
love 'cuz she's "Jenny from the Block" and proud to be Latina, also made an appearance.

We love seeing her out and about. She looks absolutely fabulous in her red dress so soon after giving birth to twins. Go Jenny, Go Jenny...Go!


Petra said...

You are so right about Jessica Alba. She is only Latin when it's convenient. Other times, she tries to play the White Girl. So annoying.
And how the Latin community just accepts her now, when for so long she tried to dis-associate herself from them.
I'm NOT a fan of Rosario Dawson. How did either of them ever become famous anyway? Neither can act worth a lick!

RyoJul said...

Love how you said the thing about Jessica Alba on just when it's convinient for her being Latina.