Friday, September 26, 2008

I'm Baaaack!

it's been a hectic past several weeks...

my computer crashed leaving me virtually helpless. no warning, nothing...just wouldn't start up one morning.
i was left helpless, cup of coffee in hand, ready to work...and still nothing. thankfully, i'm skilled with a pencil and sketchbook or i wouldn't have gotten anything done during the downtime.

since i now rely on this little beauty for almost everything i do in work, art and life in general, i was really just lost! *sigh...*

it was like i lost my purse or something...Girls, YOU know what i mean.

thankfully, the hubs saved the day! *kisses!*

he was able to rescue almost everything that i had not yet saved on my external hard drive...and thank God! as i had just finished 2 graphic design projects {that were already a smidge late} and had not yet been sent to my clients. yikes!

anyway, i'm now back with a brand new top of the line operating system and my MAC is now purring again.

this weekend, i will be tying up loose ends {i.e. announcing give-a-way winners, going thru posts, etc...} and giving you
more art, more gossip, more of everything you love to hate...and i'll be having a give-a-way of my own this week too, so look out!

a super huge THANK YOU to all who emailed me to make sure i was ok. i can't tell you how much that meant to me.
i missed you too!



Petra said...

Ohhhh, we were all wondering where you have been! Glad that you are O.K..
WELCOME BACK!!!! We all missed you and your great blog!

GumballGrenade said...

Aren't geeky husbands the best! I've never been so terrifed as when my computer crashed. He fixed it. My sweetie now makes sure that I back everything up on a 250 gig external hard drive. Found a local computer store. Glad that you're all fixed up now!

Anonymous said...

I'm so relieved you're ok. I was worried about you!

windycindy said...

Glad you are back! Cindi